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Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help!

Dec 20, 2011 -- When employees are experiencing on-going or overwhelming problems related to stress, family, emotional, alcohol or drug use, financial or other concerns, the EAP can help. Talking things over with a professional counselor can often provide a step in the right direction to resolve the issues that get in the way of handling a job or coping with day-to-day living. EAP info:

  • Areas of assistance: Diagnostic and short-term counseling. Covers emotional/mental stress that employees face, including but not limited to: substance and alcohol use/abuse and financial issues; not limited to work-related stress.

  • Who's eligible: Employees and dependents, including same sex partners, are eligible for services; services can differ per location.

  • Restrictions: Typically, none too few, which encourage employees and dependents to seek help early; covers work- and off-duty related issues.

  • Services: Includes employee-focused counseling, treatment referral, and actual treatment; client follow-up and aftercare; supervisory consultation; crisis intervention; also includes various tailorable workshops for managers and leaders.

  • Cost: Typically, no additional cost. Insurance or medical programs can cover most referral options.

  • Marketing: EAP info disseminated through health fairs and outreach events, newsletters, training to both employees and supervisors, and networks with supervisors, HR Specialists, and Medical Personnel to facilitate appropriate referrals and dissemination of information.

Federal and state laws guarantee the confidentiality of client identity and records. The primary concern is that employees receive the assistance they need. The Employee Assistance Program is covered under AR 600-85, The Army Substance Abuse Program. Refer to DA Pam 600-85, Chapter 2 for a discussion of comprehensive EAP services for civilians.

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