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The Office of Personnel Management offers HR University (HRU)

The Office of Personnel Management is offering a new training tool called HR University (HRU), found on the web at http://www.HRU.gov. It's designed to advance the development of all federal Human Resources (HR) professionals. HR Professionals know building the skills, competencies, and knowledge of the HR workforce has been a top priority for the CHCO Council and the broader HR community.

DOD has been actively involved with OPM and other Federal agencies in the development of HRU. It offers career mapping to help employees plan and develop their individual career paths and expands opportunities for training. HRU courses are a combination of classroom and web-based - either free or, in some cases, offered for a nominal cost - and focus on foundational knowledge of federal HR laws, technical and analytical skills, and strategic thinking / partnering skills. New courses and learning opportunities will be regularly added and are aimed at the 0201 personnel.

If you have any questions regarding HRU, or have comments and suggestions regarding site improvements, please e-mail OPM at HRUniversity@opm.gov. Agency feedback is critical during these initial stages and much appreciated to ensure the portal is beneficial to DOD and the federal HR Community.

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