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Issues contacting AG-1 CP after E-mail Migration?

On 27 June 2011, AG-1 CP at the Hoffman Complex migrated to the DISA Enterprise E-mail (EE). The migration was accomplished with a 92% success rate for the initial migration.

The best way to reach the AG-1 CP staff now is to use the addresses in the Outlook Global Access List (GAL) instead of saved addresses in your Outlook Personal Address Book or Contacts. Look for the e-mail address in the GAL that includes the "CIV" or "CTR" designation after the recipient's name.

Similar to all other organizations that have migrated to EE, the AG-1 CP is experiencing e-mail delayed delivery, loss of data, and misrouting of sent e-mails. Additionally, the group mailboxes and distribution lists used to contact the AG-1 CP staff previously have not been restored by DISA. Please follow up telephonically with any office to ensure that your e-mail reached the AG-1 CP staff.

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