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An Appreciation

Information technology support for the Army Civilian personnel systems is provided by the AG1 CP, Civilian Information Services Division. Our mission is to provide secure, responsive and proven Information Technology (IT) solutions to support Army Civilian Human Capital Management (HCM) in peace and war.

One person has played a key role in our ability to accomplish this mission and we want to take a few moments to honor him and wish him well as he moves on to a new phase in his career. Mr. Steve Costner has proudly served the Army Civilian Human resources community for over 20 years. We salute his commitment to excellence and dedication to the Army's mission. His unsurpassed technical ability, and care of, not just the development of the information technology solution, but for those that operate and use the systems, has led to the success of this organization, the Army Civilian Human resources community, and the Army.

Steve was directly responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of the official Headquarters, Department of the Army (HQDA) civilian strength accounting and reporting system; the Headquarters Army Civilian Personnel System (HQACPERS), a reporting system for all Army civilians. HQACPERS provides dynamic and static information on Army civilian personnel; includes strength accounting, employment, awards, and performance data.

The system reports Army civilian strength to higher headquarters, the Department of Defense, the Office of Personnel Management, and Congress. In addition to strength reporting, the system includes data on employment, training, special employment, performance data, awards, and acquisition data. Numerous ad hoc reporting requirements are met through extensive history files. The HQACPERS system provides data to critical Army and DoD systems. The impact of this single system and its data has and will continue to provide enough to celebrate what Steve has done. This was only one system and there are many more that could be mentioned, but for the past 13 years as Software Integration Branch (SIB) Chief, Steve has excelled in every task set before him. He has led the implementation of numerous Army Civilian HR solutions in support of the Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA), Army commands, and other DoD/governmental organizations. Many of the solutions that Mr. Costner and his team conceived, developed, and implemented are considered best in DoD and are used daily by personnel around the world. He has been instrumental in the development and maintenance of multiple enterprise-wide computer systems and subsystems like CPOL, CPOL Portal, and FASCLASS, just to name a few.

His performance over his tenure with AG1 CP has been unparalleled in every respect. In addition to his normal branch chief responsibilities of supervising and providing DoD best application solutions, Steve has been responsible for the integrity and accuracy of several Army civilian personnel projects. These projects include software reengineering, system quality assurance, software configuration management, long-range systems planning, maintenance of the HQDA, Civilian Personnel Army World Wide Web site, and the preparation and accuracy of the Army's statistical reports and reports for special interests programs, both of which have Congressional level visibility.

Steve's vision and unique mix of technical and leadership competencies has resulted in significant contributions to the Army civilian personnel community. The impact of those contributions will continue well beyond his departure.

From the entire CISD family we want to thank Steve for a job well done and wish him well as he continues to do great things for the Department of Defense.

================== COMMENTS ====================

Anna Miller, AG1-CP

Wishing you all the best as you move into a new phase of your career!! It has been a great ride, but you will do great things at DLA!! You will always have your friends here at Army so though you are gone, you are certainly not forgotten!! Take care and stay in touch,

Moses Robinson, NCCPOC

Mr. Costner thank you for your many years of service and God speed on your next chapter in life enjoy your much needed break.

Michael Nickles, CHRA, NC Region, ISD

Steve, I really appreciate all the support you have provided me personally and professionally. You have provided me with guidance when needed and listened to me complain, but have always been a good friend. I know I will miss you and your calming advise. Good luck and hope to see you down the road.

Sue Simmons, CHRA, SW Region

Thanks for all the help over the last several years. You've always been ready to tackle anything we have an issue with. Best of luck in the future!

John Moseley, AG1-CP

The first I heard about Steve was when we were all working on a single, standard HR transactional system to essentially replace 10 or such systems in DoD. His contributions to this awesome initiative resulted in a rare ovation for the Federal government. Keep up the excellent work.

Ed Kall, CHRA NC Region

Steve was one of the first individuals I had the pleasure to work with when I joined CHRA 17 years ago. Steve has always been a huge supporter and innovator when it comes to automation. My team (AutoNOA), and I will absolutely miss working with Steve as he was always able to help and guide us in the ever changing world of automation. Good luck to you Steve, and best wishes. Ed

Mandy McGuire, AG1-CP

Best of luck in the new position! Enjoy all of those amenities you were telling me about and don't forget your pal Mandy!

Kristin Neeley, AG1-CP CISB

Steve, I've really enjoyed working with you. I sure hope we'll see a lot of each other in the future (espeically running) so, this isn't goodbye. I just wanted to let you know what a great boss you've been. I always appreciated how you treat everyone the same. I always felt like you listened to my opinions and comments and questions. You will be awfully hard to replace. I will really miss seeing you around here. But, I do wish everything will work out for you for the best.
♥ kristin

John Noonan, CHRA-NC

You will be missed by us all. I would have enjoyed working directly for you at some point in my career and I wish you the best in all of your future endeavors. It was an honor and a privilege to get to be a part of projects that you managed.

Angie Scott, AG1-CP CISD HQ

Steve, Congratulations on your new endeavor! I wish you much success. You will be missed. God Bless you!

Evelyn Meaker, CHRA-E

Steve, I can't thank you enough for all you have accomplished for our DLA. region. Waht a loss to ARMY and the HR community and what a gain for DLA to get someone like you. I wish we could ahve convinced you to stay and I am hopeful you come back to us one day. Good luck my friend.

Anthony W. Whitehouse, HQ TRADOC

It would be impossible to overstate the contributions and impact Steve has had on Army HR the last 20 years. While he is an IT guy, he understands HR functional requirements and long-terms needs of Army HR better than anyone. Rarely does one find an individual who can maintain state-of-the-art competencies in the IT arena. Steve has and Army benefitted. Steve's work on every major IT application that supports thousands of HR professionals and hundreds of thousands of employees is unheralded. DOD staff often looked to Steve for expertise and his imprint is well beyond Army. And on top of all that, he is a class act - caring and committed. Steve has had a great run. I know he relishes the new challenges that await him at DLA - but it is hard to imagine an Army without Steve Costner. I wish him all the best, personally and professionally.

Michelle Sparrow-Walker, Department of State

Steve, I'm so proud of you for having made the decision to take this difficult step of leaving an organization for which you have poured countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears :-) I know CISD is going to miss you, I'm just glad I am not still there to feel the pain of your loss. Congratulations! on you new position and best of luck to you. You and Penny have to get together with Tony and I soon to celebrate.


Steve, wish you the very best. You are the best. Marvin

Norma Jones, AG1-CP EIB

Steve, Wishing you very best in your new endeavors. Your efforts in SIB are truly remarkable. Good Luck

Deanna Pezzella, CHRA-NE, ISD, FAB

Steve, It has been a pleasure working with you throughout the years. You have always been a wealth of information. You always looked out for the ISDs and supported us in so many ways I could not begin to count. Back in the old ART days, dealing with Jerry, was always interesting. Our ISD conferences at the Hoffman Building were always fun. Those were the good old days and I will never forget them. You will truly be missed by me and by all of Army. I'm not sure what will happen when you leave, but we will definitely have a void and a huge loss of knowledge. Best of luck in your new job!

Deanna Parham Stewart. XO for the Deputy, AG-1CP

Best of everything to you. See you soon at the Bistro ...
Deanna Maria Parham Stewart

Jenny Kayser, CHRA NC - FAB

Steve, It has been such a pleasure to get to know and work with you for the last 12 years. You have provided so much knowledge, guidance and support to so many of us - it has made us all better individuals. You have done an absolutely outstanding job and you will truly be missed. If you ever find yourself wandering around in the Midwest I hope you'll stop in to see us! We will miss you greatly and I wish you all the luck in your new endeavor. Take care - Jen

Deb Ray, AG1-CP

Steve, thanks for making me feel so welcome when I first got to AG-1CP this past winter. Your personal focus on getting me "up to speed" was such an important part of feeling like a contributing member of the family, and I appreciate that so much! I wish you the best in your new job.

Mick Stoddard, ABCC

The first time I had occasion to talk with Steve was in the mid-1990s, I was working for the Ft Riley DOIM as an IT Specialist. He provided contact information which led to Ft Riley being able to push out a software package so managers could access an application called DCPDS. Not a big deal compared to his many accomplishments but a big deal to Ft Riley and a young IT Specialist. The contact he provided was from White Sands Missile Range. Clearly two people that would never have communicated if not for Steve. In the years since then he has provided advice and assistance with ABCC projects such as data refreshes and DBA support. I didn't have a lot of direct contact with Steve but he should know how much I appreciate the wisdom and guidance I have received from him, whether direct or indirect. I expect he has touched the lives of many and positively affected missions he is not aware of. I know he has made my work easier on many occasions. Thank you Steve, God Bless.

Natalie Dennison, ATEC

NO!!! Steve you can't leave us! Army has been privileged to have such an amazing leader in her ranks. You will be very missed!

Clayton Elam, NCCPOC

Steve, Thanks for all of your support and guidance I have received from you over the years. You are truly appreciated and I wish you the best of luck. You will be missed.
Much Respect - Clayton Elam

Altrice Harris, CHRA, SC Region

Steve, CONGRATULATIONS! I enjoyed working with you in ISD SCCPOC, years ago. You are a master in what you do. As always you will go even further with your wealth of contributions you hold in technical and leadership competencies. I too really appreciated all the support you provided me personally and professionally. Wishing you all the best as you step even further into a new phase of your career!

Douglas E Mitchell, CHRA/Civilian Human Resources Agency

Hello Steve, I want to tell you that Congratulation for Final next Chapter to the next job that you deserves it and I am so Proud of you that you are having hard work and I going to misses you, I know you are going doing so well next level and do your best. I still remember you for a long time Since in Sparkman Center last time I talked with you in Hallway/Lobby and Please keep me on Post email me ASAP. Your truly, Douglas Earl Mitchell

Bernard Broadnax, US Army Forces Command

Steve thanks for your continued support to this great Nation. I'm sure you will succeed in all that you encounter. Best wishes to you.

Dan Redding, CHRA NCR

Steve, You've been a huge help and guiding hand over several major projects; many of which wouldn't have come out on time or at all without you. Thanks for all you've done and good luck... you will be missed.

Tammy Lamansky, CHRA NC

Steve, We first met when you came to help setup ACDC. You have been at every major step for HR applications that I can think of. Your expertise will be greatly missed not only by the Information Services community but by all HR employees that use the programs you helped to establish or supervised. You have been a great asset to Army and we will miss you.

Dan Shipman, CHRA West Region

Steve, it's been an absolute pleasure working with you. Think we really got to know each other in the late 90's when you were helping with the stand up of the West Region, and then later when we worked together on Modern System deployment. And don't forget the quarterly conferences at the Xerox center. Great times! You have had such a positive impact on CHR IT over the years. Hate to see you leave. I'm sure you will be a positive influence for your new organization. Hope that you will stop by when you are in the area. Best of luck my friend.

Mae Hazelton, Atlantic Region IMCOM

Steve, I will always remember that you have a "world view" of life and can work anywhere, with anyone, from any culture. I learned many things from you because you were patient and always encouraged me to explore what I didn't know. I don't wish you luck...you don't need it. I don't wish you success...you have it. I wish you FUN!

Patricia A. Turner, Redstone CPAC

Steve, Wishing you the best in your new endeavors. How do I began to thank you for all the support and guidance you gave me working in ISD at SCCPOC. Your unwavering belief in me and the knowledge you provided me was such an inspiration. You are truly a leader and the knowledge you possess is unsurpassed. If you are ever in the Huntsville area, please contact me. I know you will continue to do great things wherever you go. Again, Best Wishes!

Nathan Wells, HQ-DCMA

Steve, It is impossible to quantify or qualify your impact on the civilian personnel world across the Department of Army. You have made Army the envy of the services when it comes to personnel data transparency, accountability, portability and efficiency. You are a perfect example of what makes organizations great. Additionally, you have an amazing grasp on leadership, managing people and empowerment. Congratulations on your next assignment. They have no idea how good they have it with you on their team!

Natalie Simon, ARL, CHRO

Congrats Steve! The Army will miss you! You are great supervisor and mentor. Best wishes and good luck!

Sam Chung, US Army G1, CIS

We will miss you...

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