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Senior Enterprise Talent Management Program Nominations Process Begins

On March 3, 2014, GS-14/15s employees will begin the self-nomination process that ends with being considered for entry into the Army's Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) program. SETM, developed collaboratively as a Civilian Workforce Transformation initiative and administered by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO), Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), prepares participants for positions of greater responsibility through advanced senior-level educational and developmental experiences. SETM fosters enterprise leaders who are networked, future oriented, agile, and able to set the context by which their Army organizations thrive and grow for future operations and sustainment.

Applicants must comply with the suspense dates established by their commands. All application deadlines can be found on the SETM website under "How to apply for SETM". No applications will be accepted in CSLMO that has not been approved and forwarded by the command. The Army Civilian Executive Board (CEB) will convene in late July and early August.

Nominations are being submitted electronically through the Senior Enterprise Talent Management System (SETM-System). Applicants can track their submissions throughout the entire process, and commands can monitor status and ensure quality applicants are equitably represented throughout the command.

Applicants may request consideration for Developmental Experience (SETM-TDY), Senior Service College (SSC), Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP), and/or entry into GS-15 Talent Pool for grooming as an Army Enterprise Employee (AEE) to be considered for placement in Army Enterprise Positions (AEPs). Employees must be a GS-15 or equivalent to be considered for Talent Pool management. Applicants should apply for all programs for which they meet all eligibility requirements. If an applicant is selected for multiple programs, the applicant will only be allowed to participate in the higher level or longer program.

Mobility and continuation of service agreements are required to apply for SSC and DSLDP. For AEEs in the Enterprise Placement Program, a mobility agreement will not be required until placement in an AEP is offered and accepted. SETM-TDY does not require a mobility agreement, as the employee will return to their position when the developmental TDY is completed, but participants are required to sign a Continued Service Agreement.

General Officers/SESs, Commanders, Supervisors, Managers and HR Directors at all Army levels are asked to encourage their truly best and brightest GS-14/15s and equivalent employees to step forward and self-nominate for one of these exceptional developmental opportunities.

For more information on SETM, SSC, DSLDP and the self-nomination procedures, access CSLMO at: https://www.csldo.army.mil/. Instructions for applying can be found on the left side of the homepage, as well as a Users Guide for the SETM-System. Please call (703) 693-1120 (DSN) 223, if you have questions or requests for additional information about SETM.

NOTE: APPLY EARLY! Please do not wait until the last moment to apply. A large volume of personnel applying at the same time will cause the system to run slow, so please be patient.

Senior Enterprise Talent Management, SETM-at-a-glance:

Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) was developed collaboratively as a Civilian Workforce Transformation initiative and is administered by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office, Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) and offers the following components:

Developmental Experience

Referred to as SETM-TDY, this component offers short-term developmental assignments of 179 days to positions designed to provide broadening opportunities and does not require a mobility agreement.

Senior Service College (SSC)

This component involves competing for Army Civilian seats at the Army War College or The Dwight D. Eisenhower School of National Security and Resource Strategy (formerly ICAF). These senior service colleges provide participants with competencies necessary for success in the contemporary operational environment with military knowledge and a national security perspective. Graduates are placed into positions that build upon the competencies developed at the senior service college.

Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP)

DSLDP is a two-year Department of Defense (DoD) comprehensive education and developmental program designed to build leadership and a joint perspective of service in the DoD and includes attending one of the other services' senior service colleges.

GS-15 Enterprise Placement Program (EPP)

Selection into the GS-15 Enterprise Placement Program (EPP) offers an opportunity to be considered for positions Army-wide where the Army needs its most talented Civilian Leaders and that will add breadth and depth to the employee's skill base. Those selected for EPP will be listed on slates forwarded to Commanders across the Army for placement consideration, in accordance with SETM-Placement procedures.

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