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The Training and Leader Development section offers access to information and tools to employees pertaining to training and leader development. This section includes training tools such as the Army Civilian Training Survey Tool v2.0a and a cost savings calculator. The Training and Leadership Development section also includes a trail guide for future leaders, a link to the Training & Leader Development Homepage, and a "Messages and Memorandums" area. This section also provides a link to related training and leader development articles in PERMISS.

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very small image of an Army Star on a black field Army Civilian Training: Messages and Memorandums

very small image of the group of books on a shelf Army Career Tracker - ACTNow website

small image of a person looking at a computer screen ACTEDS Career Plans/Programs

small image of an open book The ACTEDS Training Catalog

small image of a  person looking into a computer monitor Army Civilian Training and Leader Development (CTLD)

very small image of a golden compass, indicating travel Army Distributed Learning Program

small image of a person looking at a computer screen CES Course Schedule (AMSC at USACAC)

very small image of people CHRTAS - Apply for Training

small image of a door of opportunity opening GoArmyEd is the virtual gateway for Army Civilians to apply for their Civilian education, training, and leader development events.

icon of a person viewing a computer screen PERMISS: Training & Leader Development articles

small image of a group of people RASS (Resource Allocation Selection System)

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