The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Civilian Human Resource Management (CP-10)

University Training The Competitive Professional Development strategy for CP-10 university training is limited to part-time academic training in support of mission-related competencies described in the ACTEDS plan. Justifications must reflect that courses are directly related to job competency or support a planned career assignment. Priority consideration will be given to:
  • Labor Relations and Management Employee Relations
  • Compensation Management
  • HR technology/automation
  • Leadership

Competitive Professional Development (CPD) support is available for course work at an accredited college or university (including web-based institutions) during the periods of this announcement. While authorized educational expenses will be funded through the CPD program, neither salary nor benefits will be reimbursed. Requirements of this program include successful completion of all funded course work, and timely submission of funding requests. Part-time students will not be relieved of the full 40-hour tour of duty. However, a student may be excused any part of a week as agreed to by the supervisor.

Submission of nominations for FY 07 academic year funding support must be received prior to the quarterly cut off dates of 16 Nov 2007, 15 Feb 2008, 17 May 2008 or 08 Aug 2008.

Developmental Assignments A variety of organizations periodically require nominees for developmental assignments that range in length from 3 to 12 months. These include:
  • HQ Army Staff Offices
  • MACOMs
  • Major Subordinate Commands
  • CPACs
  • CPOCs
  • CHRA
These opportunities are announced separately as they occur throughout the year. In FY07, the Functional Chief's Representative (FCR) for CP 10 will emphasis cross-functional developmental assignments aimed at providing the employee with multifunctional capabilities.
Competitive Selection Procedures The CP-10 careerist is competitively evaluated by the supervisor, Activity Career Program Manager, CHRA and then by Headquarters' staff who will provide recommendations to the FCR. The FCR has final selecting authority. Grade Level GS-11 and above may apply for any of the CP-10 programs although some developmental assignments may require a higher grade.
Other Requirements Selected participants are required to sign a Continued Service Agreement, and may be required to sign a Mobility Agreement when participating in a developmental assignment.
Point of Contact Ms. Marie Allen 703 325-2414 (DSN 221)

Submit application packages through your chain of command and MACOM to
Department of Army
Office, Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel
ATTN: DAPE-CP (Ms. Marie Allen)
Hoffman Building I - Room 148
2461 Eisenhower Avenue
Alexandria, VA 22331-0300

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