The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Online Forms
Secretary of the Army Research and Study
Fellowships (SARSF)

Print this checklist for your use in completing your application package.

Do not send this form with your package.

All of the forms and documents listed below must to be completed and forwarded as your application package. The on-line forms (provided below) must be used. Assemble the forms in the order listed.
Incomplete application packages will be returned.

1. __ Application for ACTEDS Training Opportunities - On line

2. __ COMMAND/IRA Endorsement(s) - MUST BE ATTACHED

3. __ Nominee's Statement of Interest - On line

4. __ Supervisor's Validation of Requirement: Utilization Plan

5. __ Fellowship Plan - Instructions On line - MUST BE ATTACHED

6. __ Functional Review Form - On line

7. __ Last 3 Performance Ratings (including annotated Support Forms) -
MUST BE ATTACHED. If these appraisals are not available, you must include an explanation about the missing appraisals, verified by your supervisor or CPAC, and your "next" most recent appraisals.

8. __ Request for Central Resource Support Form - On line

9. __ SF 181, Ethnicity and Race Identification
Available at:    NOTE: Completion/submission of the SF-181 is strictly voluntary. It will be used for statistical purposes only, not for purposes of determining eligibility for participation in any training opportunity.