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Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

This checklist is provided for the sole purpose of assisting the applicant in the self review process prior to submission. This checklist is NOT an official portion of the nomination package.

All applications submitted must contain the applicable elements outlined in these guidelines.
Note: Nomination Packages Must Include All The Documents Described Below. All Memorandums/Letters Must Be Formatted IAW With AR 25-50. Incomplete Nomination Packets Will Not Be Considered.

1. __ Application for ACTEDS Training Opportunities - On line

2. __ ELDP Course Application - On line Completed In Its Entirety.

* __ Must Include A Statement By The First-Line Supervisor Assessing The Nominee's Qualifications, Leadership Potential Or Managerial Responsibilities, Superior Performance, Team Work Efforts, And Anticipated Return On Investment For The Army.

3. __ Qualification Statement - On line May Not Exceed Two Pages.

4. __ Supervisor's Validation of Requirement: Utilization Plan Must Be Completed, Signed, and Dated By Nominee's Immediate Supervisor.

4A. __ Supervisor Assessment: Completed In Its Entirety

5. __ Command Endorsement (s) - Completed Packets Must Be Endorsed And Submitted By The Respective Army Command (ACOM), Army Service Component Command (ASCC) Or The Civilian Personnel Director For The Office Of The Administrative Assistant Secretary To The Army (OAASA). NOTE: Employees who work for an Army Staff Principle, Headquarters Department of the Army, the Army Staff, or a Program Executive Office must obtain OAASA endorsement. Any packet received that does not contain appropriate endorsement(s) will not be processed.

6. ___ Resume - Must Provide The Following Information In The Order Listed: Full Name; Home Address And Telephone; Work Address And Telephone; Current Pay Plan, Series And Grade; Work Experience, Formal Education (Degree Obtained, Dates Name Of Educational Institution And Subject Major(s); Brief Accounting Of Foreign Languages; Special Skills; And Interests.
(see sample Resume here).

7. __ Appraisals - Three Most Current, Consecutive Performance Ratings. If Current Appraisals Are Not Available, Submit Your Most Recent Appraisals. An Explanation About The Missing Must Be Included And Verified By Your Supervisor Or CPAC.

8. __ Continued Service Agreement - online (must be signed and dated).

9. __ Verification That The Nominee Has Served Three (3) Years, Or Any Combination Thereof, In A Department Of The Army Civilian Permanent Position(s). This Requirement Must Be Met By The Posted HQDA Suspense Date

10. __ SF-50 "Notice Of Personnel Action" - Must Indicate Proof Of Status (For Example, Career Employee) And Should Identify Your Position, Title, Series, Grade, Step, Tenure, And Type Of Service.

11. __ Copy Of CES Course Certificate Of Completion or copy of CHRTAS Course Credit Documentation

  1. GS-12 or Equivalent Pay Bands: CES Intermediate Course Certificate of Completion or Copy of CHRTAS Intermediate Course Credit Documentation
  2. GS-13 Through GS-14 or Equivalent Pay Bands: CES Advanced Course Certificate of Completion Or Copy Of CHRTAS Advanced Course Credit Documentation.
    (For additional information on CES Courses or CES Course Credit, go to:

12. __ Medical Release Form/Letter - Nomination Packets Must Include Documentation From A Licensed Physician Verifying The Applicant's Ability To Participate In Rigorous Physical Activities.

13. __ Copy Of College Transcripts - If Citing Degree Completion Or Attendance Submit A Copy Of Your College Transcript. Education Must Be Accredited By An Accrediting Institution Recognized By The U.S. Department Of Education

14. __ SF 181, Ethnicity And Race Identification: Available at: (NOTE: Completion/submission of the SF-181 is strictly voluntary. It will be used for statistical purposes only, not for purposes of determining eligibility for participation in any training opportunity).

15. ___ Security Clearance Documentation.

16. ___ Application Biography (see sample Biography here).