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Army Senior Fellows Program (ASFP)

Check with your Command POC for their respective suspense dates. Your application requires your command endorsement. You must forward your package through your chain-of-command to the designated Army Commands (ACOM), Army Service Component Commands (ASCC), and Direct Reporting Units (DRU) equivalent HRD Staff representative. Your command representative may have established local points of contact as well as internal suspense dates earlier than the HQDA date. Applications sent directly to HQDA will be returned to the sender.

Print this checklist for your use in completing your application package.

Do not send this form with your package.

Summiting your Application.

All applications MUST be forwarded via employee's ACOM, DRU or ASCC Unit. Commands will submit a rank order of merit list of all applicants and scanned copies of all applicants' files to DA by the program suspense date. No applications are to be forwarded directly to DA. All of the forms and documents listed below must to be completed and forwarded as your application package. Assemble the forms in the order listed. Incomplete application packages will be returned.

1. __ ASFP Application/Information Sheet - Online

2. __ Essay (Two pages that describes the applicant's career aspirations, goals and suitability for the fellowship. As part of the essay the applicant must elaborate on how the Army would benefit from the applicant's participation in the program. m).

3. __ Resume - See directions at Appendix E-ASFP
(Limit to two pages including signature and date).

4. __ Essential Competencies. One page or less per competency with contact information of the individual who can verify the accomplishments for each competency. See directions.

5. __ Last three (3) performance appraisals.

6. __ Command Endorsement.

Command Endorsement Memo

The "Command endorsement" Memo forwards the best qualified candidates to HQDA. It must:

  • Include a rank order of merit of all the applicants within the body of the endorsement or as an enclosure. (All applications MUST be forwarded and scanned copies of all applicants' files to DA by the program suspense date.)
  • If the Command/equivalent organization has only one nominee, the endorsement must include a statement that the nominee was the only applicant and is "one of one."
  • Include the name, email address and telephone number of the Army Major Command/equivalent POC.

The Command will conduct a panel to evaluate nominations. Forward nomination packages of all qualified candidates to HQDA via command endorsement in time to reach HQDA by the suspense date.

7. __ Two (2) written references.

Letters of Recommendation

Must provide two (2) letters of recommendation as part of your application. Letters of Recommendation must be on letterhead paper and should not exceed one page. They should recommend the applicant for the Army Senior Fellows (ASF). Letters of Recommendation must address what you, the candidate, will bring to ASF, what you will take back to Army, and why you should be selected. Ensure that all Letters of Recommendation are dated.

  • Letter 1: The individual named as your supervisor on the Nomination Sheet must be the same individual who signs the supervisor Letter of Recommendation. The supervisor's letter should precede the second Letter of Recommendation.
  • Letter 2: A second Letter of Recommendation must be from someone who is within your chain of command.
It is your responsibility to ensure that these letters are included in your package submission and received by any applicable suspense dates.

8. __ SF 181, Ethnicity and Race Identification
Available at:    NOTE: Completion/submission of the SF-181 is strictly voluntary. It will be used for statistical purposes only, not for purposes of determining eligibility for participation in any training opportunity.

9. __ Official Transcript from last college/university that awarded you a degree.