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Academic Degree Training (ADT)

Use this checklist as a guide for completing and assembling the nomination package. The applicant is responsible for obtaining and assembling all documents. Make a checkmark by each item that is attached and assemble documents in the order listed.
Incomplete packages will be returned to the career program office for action.

Employees who work for an Army Staff Principal, Headquarters Department of the Army, the Army Staff, or a Program Executive office must obtain endorsement from the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (OAASA).

All Academic Degree Training request applications, regardless of funding source, must provide the following information:

  1. __ Academic Degree Training Application Form - For CAREER PROGRAM FUNDED
    __ Academic Degree Training Application Form - For COMMAND FUNDED
  2. __ Letter of Acceptance from Accredited institution (Must indicate full acceptance/unconditional).
  3. __ CSA Calculation Spreadsheet
  4. __ Continued Service Agreement - On line
  5. __ Resume (includes list of government-sponsored training and individual courses funded by Army/ACTEDS)
  6. __ Ethnicity and Race Identification Form (SF 181)   NOTE: Completion/submission of the SF-181 is strictly voluntary. It will be used for statistical purposes only, not for purposes of determining eligibility for participation in any training opportunity.
  7. __ Academic Degree Plan Continuation Sheet (if required)
  8. __ Digitally sign and attach ADT Checklist fillable PDF as cover to ADT application packet