The ACTEDS Training Catalog

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Army Congressional Fellowship Program (ACFP)

Print this checklist for use in completing your application package.

All of the forms and documents listed below must to be completed and forwarded as part of your application package. The on-line forms (links provided below) must be used. Please assemble the forms in the order listed.

Note: Incomplete application packages will NOT be processed.

1. __ Application for ACTEDS Training Opportunities - On line

2. __ ACOM/ASSC/DRU/OAASA Endorsement(s)/Letters of Recommendation (minimum of two, maximum of five) -
Completed packets must be endorsed and submitted by the respective Army Command (ACOM), Army Service Component Command (ASCC), Direct Reporting Unit (DRU), or the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (OAASA). Note: Employees who work for an Army Staff Principal, Headquarters Department of the Army, the Army Staff, or a Program Executive Office must obtain OAASA endorsement. Any packet received that does not contain appropriate endorsement(s) will not be processed.

3. __ Supervisor's Validation of Requirement: Utilization Plan (not to exceed 500 words) - Online Note: DESCRIBE THE POSITION TO WHICH THE NOMINEE WILL BE ASSIGNED UPON COMPLETION OF THE PROGRAM. MUST BE RELATED TO CONGRESSIONAL AFFAIRS).

4. __ Nominee's Statement of Interest (not to exceed one page). Applicant must explain reason(s) why he/she is applying for this program. The information must be typed (Arial 10-pitch) and contain the title statement, "Why I am applying for the Army Congressional Fellowship". The applicant's name, grade must also be typed under this title - FORM MUST BE ATTACHED.

5. __ One page Bio (no picture).

6. __ Resume: Must provide the following information in the order listed: full name; home address and telephone; work address and telephone; current pay plan, series and grade; work experience, formal education (degree obtained, dates name of educational institution and subject major(s); brief accounting of foreign languages; special skills; and interests (not to exceed two pages) - MUST BE ATTACHED

7. __ Three most recent, consecutive performance ratings (including annotated Support Forms) - MUST BE ATTACHED. If these appraisals are not available, you must include an explanation about the missing appraisals, verified by your supervisor or CPAC, and your "next" most recent appraisals.

8. __ SF 181, Ethnicity and Race Identification (OPM Form)
Available at: Note: Completion/submission of the SF-181 is strictly voluntary. It will be used for statistical purposes only, not for purposes of determining eligibility for participation in any training opportunity.

9. __ Copy of CES Intermediate Course certificate of completion completion (for GS-11 and GS-12/ equivalent pay bands), or copy of CHRTAS Intermediate Course Credit Documentation; Copy of CES Advanced Course certificate of completion (for GS-13 and GS-GS-14/equivalent pay bands) or copy of CHRTAS Advanced Course Credit Documentation.

10. __ Verification - Command statement that the nominee has served three (3) years, or any combination thereof, in a Department of the Army civilian permanent position(s).

11. __ Continued Service Agreement (CSA)

12. __ Transcripts. Must possess a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited college or university. (GPA must be 3.0 unless applicant has previously earned a Master's degree).
**NOTE: Must submit unofficial copy(s) of ALL transcripts.