The ACTEDS Training Catalog


Senior Service Colleges (SSCs):
Army War College (AWC),
AWC-Distance Education (AWC-DE),
National Defense University - The Eisenhower School (NDU/ES)

Nominee: __________________________________________________________
Please Print:                      LAST                   FIRST                   MIDDLE

  1. ___ Complete the Applicant Career Brief and Applicant Survey in the SETM System (Follow all the instruction steps provided in this checklist --- All other DSLDP forms already embedded in SETMS and can be accessed from the Career Brief. All steps that mention "UPLOADED into SETMS" requires you to complete that document and manually upload the completed document on your Career Brief.)

  2. ___ Possesses baccalaureate or higher from an accredited college or university (Unofficial copy of transcripts may be uploaded into SETMS for initial local board processing of application)
    Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army
    Manpower and Reserve Affairs
    Civilian Senior Leader Management Office
    (ATTN: CSLDD SETM Programs)
    111 Army Pentagon, Room 1D755
    Washington, DC 20310-0111
  3. ___ Latest performance appraisal (UPLOADED into SETMS)
    ___ Only specified pages (for NSPS, only Sections A-E and Sections O-S should be attached, for all other pay systems, attach all pages of appraisal and respective support form).
    ___ Rating is at top end of scale (typically better than FS or level 3). Applicants with Level 3/FS ratings will be accepted, however, your Rating Official/Supervisor must address any discrepancy in his/her recommendation endorsement or the Supervisory narrative section on the DSLDP Rating Official/Supervisor's Assessment in SETMS.

  4. ___ Resume: Use same Resume format of career history, education and training to apply for all DSLDP and SSC. (USAJobs format is acceptable IAW the following rules)

    ___ Followed format and included all required entries
    ___ Met 3 page limit using Times New Roman, 12-font size
    ___ Provides organization, job titles and grade/rank for each position
    ___ Emphasize varying levels of assignments and leadership experience
    ___ Communicates how challenging the work is

  5. ___ ONE Letter of Recommendation (Memorandum format) SIGNED by first General Officer or Senior Executive Service (SES) member in the chain-of-command (UPLOADED into SETMS) (NOTE: Because other entities are not online with SETMS, a letter of recommendation must be provided in addition to the Rater/Endorser survey assessment found in the SETM application) (A second letter of recommendation will be provided by CSLMO as part of the OML process).
  6. ___ A second letter of recommendation will be provided by CSLMO as part of the OML process.

  7. ____ SF 181, Ethnicity and Race Identification OPM Form (This form is Voluntary) (Mailed-in to Official CSLMO MAIL-IN Address in #2 above)

  8. ___ Complete Army Senior Service College Nomination Sheet (UPLOADED into SETMS) (Blank form can be found on the Career Brief in SETMS) (Download, complete, scan and Re-upload as a pdf document into SETMS)

  9. ___ Current Security Clearance memorandum or "Person Summary"(UPLOADED into SETMS)
    Secret ______ Top Secret ______ Top Secret with SCI______

  10. ___ Continued Service Agreement Form: Print, complete, sign/initial, scan and re-upload into SETMS. NOTE: Please enter the following dates in the CSA Form: From August 2015 to June 2016.

  11. ___ Mobility Agreement Form : Print, complete, sign/initial, scan and re-upload into SETMS.

  12. ___ Copy of CES Advance Course Certificate or printout/equivalency CES Advanced Course Credit approval from HQDA G3/5/7 Civilian Training and Leader Development Office go to: ingURL=%2fchannels%2fchrtas%2fstudent%2fmain.aspx&Caller=1 (UPLOADED into SETMS)
    Other approved legacy course(s) graduate certificates that may substitute in lieu of the CES Advanced Course certificate for credit:

    ___ SBLM/AMSC - Sustaining Base Leadership and Management Course
    ___ ILE/CGSC - Intermediate Level Education/Command & General Staff college
    ___ WOSSC - Warrant Officer Senior Staff Course
    ___ Sergeant Majors Course
    ___ AF - Air Command & Staff College
    ___ AF - Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy

  13. ___ ECQs write-up not required for SSC applicants. Only ECQ scores required for SSC applications.

    ___ Leading Change
    ___ Leading People
    ___ Results-Driven
    ___ Business Acumen
    ___ Building Coalitions
    ___ Combined Fundamental Competencies

    NOTE 1: Do not forward individual application forms directly to the NDU Registrar's Office. All NDU forms must be submitted as part of your overall SETM application. Please disregard any NDU application suspense dates found in the NDU forms. HQDA is the ultimate authority for submitting Army Civilian applications to NDU.

    NOTE 2: If applying for NDU/ES, must complete 9 through 12 below (NOTE: N/A for all other SETM programs) (All blank NDU/ES forms can be found on the Career Brief in SETMS) (Download all forms, complete, scan, and Re-upload as a pdf document in SETMS)    ("Agency Representative" must be applicant's supervisor)

  14. ___ NDU Student Nomination Form (UPLOADED in SETMS)

    ___ Repeat information as needed from Army SSC Nomination Sheet above
    ___ Nomination Options - Indicate NDU/ES-Non-ACQ or NDU/ES-ACQ and concentration program.
    NOTE: Army Acquisition Career (AAC) employees are strongly encouraged to apply for
    NDU/ES-Senior Acquisition Program but will be accepted for other SSCs
    ___ Provide complete home mailing address

  15. ___ NDU Privacy Act Statement (UPLOADED in SETMS)

  16. ___ NDU Educational Records Release Authorization (UPLOADED in SETMS)

  17. ___ NDU Student World-wide Travel Form (UPLOADED in SETMS)

    NOTE 3: Items 17 thru 19 below applicable to Senior Acquisition Course (SAC) applicants only. If applying for NDU/ES-SAC, he following documents must be submitted with your SETM application. Forms provided by the Acquisition Career Field or individual organization (UPLOADED into SETMS in pdf format)

  18. ___ NDU/ES Senior Acquisition Course (SAC) Student Nomination Form (NDU/ES-SAC applicants only) (UPLOADED into SETMS)

  19. ___ Senior Rater Potential Evaluation (NDU/ES-SAC applicants only) (UPLOADED into SETMS) (Applies to AcqDemo Army employees only) (All other Army senior employees may upload a copy of Acquisition Level III Certification Certificate as proof of credential in lieu of SRPE for possible consideration)

  20. ___ Acquisition Career Record Brief (NDU/ES-SAC applicants only) (UPLOADED into SETMS)

  21. ___ Contact your Career Program (CP) Office and Functional Chief Representative (FCR) to inform them of your intent to apply for a SETM program prior to submitting your application. This is to gain their support and ensure you receive an endorsement from their office once you submit your application in SETMS.

  22. ___ Meet with or contact your rater, endorser and Functional Chief Representative to inform them of your interest in SETM and provide them measureable accomplishments to include in their endorsement of your application.

  23. ___ Public Affairs Release Form (Click here to download PDF) Print, complete, sign and date. (UPLOAD into SETMS)

  24. ___ Final Package:
       __ Times New Roman, font size 12 used for all submissions
       __ Proof-read package for typos/misspellings, etc before final submission

  • ___ Final Package:.
    __ Times New Roman, font size 12 used for all submissions
    __ Proof-read package for typos/misspellings, etc before final submission