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Appendix D - Online Forms Index


We have made some of our forms available as screen-fillable Adobe Acrobat PDF Forms. These are similar to the PDF forms used elsewhere on CPOL, except that they may be completed on the screen before being printed. In order to complete these forms on the screen, you must have Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Acrobat Reader version 3.0 or above.

If you have the Acrobat software configured as a web browser plug-in application you can fill-out and print the form within your web browser. If you are using the free Acrobat Reader software, however, you cannot save the form with the fill-in data for use at a later time. You will need to use the purchased version of Adobe Acrobat in order to do this. The free reader software will, however, allow you to save the blank form itself for use at a later time if you are using the filler software as a web browser plug-in application.
Academic Degree Plan Form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

(Army) Continued Service Agreement requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

ICAF SAC Student Nomination Form requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Kennedy School of Government - Recommendation Form (for SEF) SEF  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Select and click one of the above forms to download it to your machine.
Fill the form out and hit PRINT in your browser for a neat application form.
Note - you cannot SAVE the completed forms with the free Acrobat Reader .

Application Checklists
ACFP Checklist

ADT Checklist

ASFP Checklist

ELDP Checklist

FCR-CPD Checklist
HU SEF Checklist

LDS at FEI Checklist

MML Checklist

SARSF Checklist

SLS Checklist
SETM Checklist

SETM-EPP Checklist

SETM-SSC Checklist

SETM-TDY Checklist

SMC Checklist
On-Line Forms
Academic Degree Training Application (Command Funded)
Academic Degree Training Application (HQDA Centrally Funded)

Academic Degree Training Applicant Statement

Academic Degree Training - Validation of Requirement/Utilization Plan from Employee's Supervisor

Academic Degree Plan Form  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Agreement to Continue in Service  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Application for ACTEDS Training Opportunities

Army Backfill Report

Army Senior Fellowship Program Application

DOD Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP)

Functional Review Form

ICAF SAC Student Nomination Form   Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Joint Management/Instructor Memorandum of Agreement  Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Kennedy School of Government - Recommendation Form (for SEF) Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
Mobility Agreement Form, ACFP Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Mobility Agreement Form, SSC-GPP Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

National Security Management Course

NDU Authorization to Release Education Records Form

NDU Student Nomination Form

NDU Student World-Wide Travel Form    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Nominee's Statement of Interest

Nominee Statement of Career Aspirations, Goals, and Suitability for the Program

Qualification Statement

Request for Resource Support Form

SF 181 - Ethnicity and Race Identification (OPM Link)    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

SF-182 - Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training (OPM Link)    Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Senior Service College (SSC) Nomination Sheet

Supervisory Rating

Supervisor's Validation of Requirement: Utilization Plan

Key to Icons used on CPOL
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Requires MS Excel   These files require Microsoft Excel to view
Requires MS PowerPoint   These files require Microsoft Powerpoint to view
Requires MS Word   These files require Microsoft Word to view
Outside web site   Indicates information on a website outside CPOL

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