The ACTEDS Training Catalog


PART A (limit one page)
  1. Full name.
  2. Title, series, and grade.
  3. Name and address of employing installation or activity.
  4. Security clearance.
  5. Resume of other Federal and non-Federal employment, starting with last position before present position: *
    1. Organization.
    2. Position.
    3. Grade or annual salary.
    4. Supervisor.
    5. Dates.
  6. Military service record (if any).
  7. Resume of education. *
    1. College or university, dates attended, major subjects, and degrees.
    2. Academic honors.
  8. Proposed place of study and reasons.
  9. Statement of willingness to remain with Department of the Army for three times the length of the project.

* For these items, your resume may suffice. If not, add any information that is requested, but not reflected in your resume.

  1. Describe your present duties and responsibilities (200 words or less).
  2. In a statement of 500-750 words, outline your proposed study, research, or other program. Include its objectives; the planned schedule (including starting and completion dates); the research or training locations proposed, with addresses of each, courses of study or research at each, and reasons for selecting each. Discuss the program's potential value to DA. Show how the program would contribute to DA missions.
  3. List (or submit) publications, reports, memoranda, or other specimens of your work, if appropriate. Your list should include:
    1. Title and date.
    2. Author's name (as shown on publication).
    3. Page references.
  4. Discuss any other relevant factors in your background.

  1. Name.
  2. Starting and ending dates of fellowship.
  3. Title of project.
  4. Location where fellowship was carried out.
  5. Specific objective of project.
  6. Summary of accomplishments.
  7. Recommendations (if any).
  8. Signature of employee.

Reproduced from Figure 13-1, Outline of application for Secretary of the Army research and study fellowships, C2, AR 690-400, Chapter 410, Subchapter 13.