The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Chapter 5
Career Field Training

US Army Museum Training Course

This program is currently under revision, check back soon for updates

Modern DCPDSCourse Code N/A
Length of Program 5 days
Location A new Army museum course site is chosen each year for the training course.
Nomination Suspense Dates 60 Days Prior to Class
Dates of Program Annual (Call POC for Specific Dates).
Eligibility Requirements Army Museum System staff and other museum professionals.
Other Requirements Applicants must be working in an Army museum/activity, National Guard museum/activity, or US Army Reserve museum/activity, in a similar institution, or have a professional interest in the military museum methodology.
Purpose The course provides a training forum designed to accommodate several disciplines in the museum profession and facilitate the exchange of information regarding museum policies and procedures.
Description This course focuses on specialized museum topics. For example: museum law; specialized conservation and preservation techniques; collections management; automation in museums and exhibits; and museum programs. The course format includes lectures given by Army Museum System personnel and other museum professionals as required. The lectures are supplemented by extensive hands-on workshops.
Application Process Requests for applications should be sent to Mr. Steve Bavisotto, Chief, Museum Programs Branch, US Army Center of Military History, ATTN: DAMH-MD, 103 Third Avenue, Fort McNair, DC 20319-5058, in June for the training course agenda and information.
Selection and Notification The Director of Army Museums and Chief, Museum Programs Branch will provide evaluation, selection, and notification.
Funding The US Army Center of Military History, Museum Division does not fund this training course. All expenses are the responsibility of the attendee's nominating activity.
Evaluation of Training After Return to Duty No special evaluation is needed other than the one on the DD 1556.
Point of Contact Contact Mr. Steve Bavisotto for course information at (202) 685-2477, by e-mail at, or in writing to above address.