The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Chapter 5
Career Field Training

Army Museum Information System User Certification Course
(Basic Curatorial Methods Training Course)

This program is currently under revision, check back soon for updates

Modern DCPDS Course Code N/A
Length of Program 5 days
Location Washington DC Metropolitan Area.
Nomination Suspense Dates 90 Days Prior to Class
Dates of Program Biannual (Call POC for specific dates)
Eligibility Requirements Army Museum System staff and other professionals in GS-1015 (Museum Curator), GS-1016 (Museum Specialist), GS-1010 (Exhibit Specialist) and other museum-related GS-series. Non-Army museum professionals will be considerd after all Army requirements are met.
Other Requirements Applicants should be working in an Army museum or similar institution. Applicants must have written approval from their immediate supervisor to attend, and complete the pre-course information questionnaire.
Purpose The course provides specialized and detailed training in the Automated Army Museum Information System (AMIS). This program is necessary to manage, register, and catalog US Army artifacts and works of Art. AR 879-29, Army Museums, Historical Artifacts, and Art, 11 Jan 99, requires all Army museums, museums activities, installations, and units in possession of Army historical artifacts/art must use AMIS to properly account for those historical items. Participants will learn to use AMIS to assist them meet statutory and regulatory requirements
Description The course provides detailed training for the AMIS program. This program is used by Army Museum Systems for museum collections management. The course format is hands-on learning that focuses on Army historical property, accountability, to include instruction on museum property management, classification, nomenclature, registration, cataloging, and digitization of Army historical artifacts and fine art.
Application Process Complete the course application for admission. Army Museum System applicants are given first priority. All others may apply on a space-available basis.
Selection and Notification Applicants are evaluated, selected, and notified by the Director of Army Museums and the Chief, Museum Programs Branch.
Funding The Museum Division funds course registration and materials. The applicant's nominating activity is responsible for travel, hotel, and per diem.
Evaluation of Training After Return to Duty No special evaluation is needed other than the DD 1556 evaluation
Point of Contact Contact Mr. Steve Bavisotto for course information and an application form at (202) 685-2477, by email at or in writing to US Army Center of Military History, ATTN: DAMH-MD, 103 Third Avenue, Fort McNair, DC 20319-5058.