The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Chapter 4 (cont.)    SECTION I
Government Programs

Professional Development Program for the House Appropriations Committee
Long Term Training Opportunity for Civilian Employees

Length of Program 12 months
Location Washington, DC
Course Dates


DA SUSP from
Class Dates

Training - HAC
03 March 2014 TBD -
Fiscal Year 2014-2015

This long-term training program is open to all DA civilian employees who have career status and are serving in permanent competitive appointments; Schedule A, Excepted appointments without time limitation; or, are serving under an Excepted Service appointment in the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (Title 10 USC 1610).


  • Combined total of five (5) years of service within the Department of Defense (DoD). At least three (3) years of this service must have been in a Department of the Army permanent Civilian position(s).
  • Completed appropriate level of Civilian Education System training respective to current grade.
  • GS-12 through GS-15 or equivalent

This program is targeted to eligible individuals seeking increased knowledge and proficiency in the Federal Budget, the Budget process, investigation techniques, budget policy processes, and policy or programs evaluations. Selected participants will be directly involved in activities or individual subcommittees that are focused on completing extensive analytical evaluations and research with House Appropriations Committee members.

Ideal candidates for this program are individuals in Budget, Policy or related fields or who are eager to learn these areas of expertise. Individuals will be detailed fot thr standard length of time associated with the Appropriations Committee of one year or one budget cycle.

Application Process
Selection and Notification

Application packages will be forwarded electronically through command channels for appropriate endorsement(s). Please check with local training coordinators for local and/or Army Command (ACOM), Army Service Component Command (ASCC), Direct Reporting Unit (DRU), or the Civilian Personnel Director for the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary to the Army (OAASA) for their respective suspense dates. Application packets received from individuals who do not meet ALL eligibility requirements by the HQDA deadline will not be processed. ACOMs/ASCCs/DRUs/OAASA will submit application packets electronically to:

Once received by G-37/TRV, nomination packets will be vetted and an Order of Merit List (OML) established. The OML will be presented to HQDA, DCS, G-37, Director of Training for review and approval prior to forwarding to Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) for further review/endorsement. G-37/TRV will notify ACOMs/ASCCs/DRUs/ OAASA of final selections. Individuals selected for participation will remain on local rolls.


Commands are responsible for travel and per diem. However, the Committee will fund required non-local travel, equipment, and supplies at the training site.

Point of Contact

Email inquiries to: