Training & Leader Development

Chapter 4
Government/Non-Government Training
Section I - Government Programs

Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS)
at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI)

Length 4 weeks
Location Office of Personnel Management's Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia

HQDA Suspense 1 September 2017

Program Dates
Program Class
Continued Service
Agreement (CSA)
438 15 Oct – 10 Nov 2017 13 Nov 17 – 12 Mar 18
Blended Learning Program
(Resident): 3 – 15 Dec 2017
(Online): 16 Dec 2017
– 30 May 2018
30 May – 1 Jun 2018
4 Jun 18 – 26 Sep 18
Applied Learning Program
7 - 19 Jan 2018
and return
1-13 April 2018
16 Apr 18 – 8 Aug 18
Applied Learning Program
21 Jan – 2 Feb 2018
and return
15-27 April 2018
30 Apr 18 – 22 Aug 18
442 4 Feb – 2 Mar 2018 5 Mar 18 – 26 Jun 18
443 4 - 30 Mar 2018 2 Apr 18 – 25 Jul 18
444 29 Apr – 25 May 2018 29 May 18 – 21 Sep 18
445 3 - 29 Jun 2018 2 Jul 18 – 19 Oct 18
446 8 Jul – 3 Aug 2018 6 Aug 18 – 30 Nov 18
447 5-31 Aug 2018 4 Sep 18 – 31 Dec 18
448 9 Sep – 5 Oct 2018 9 Oct 18 – 11 Feb 19


Army Civilian managers at GS-15 or pay-band equivalent levels.


  • Completion of Civilian Education System (CES) Advanced Course - or equivalent course.
  • Nominees must have completed three (3) years, or any combination thereof, of service in a permanent Department of the Army Civilian position(s).

LDS provides an executive leadership-development opportunity that challenges government executives to reach beyond their past practices to embrace a broader perspective of governance and new leadership capacity to better serve and support the American people.


Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS) program guides executives to understand the diverse goals of the government and the citizens it serves. Through this program of study, government executives find their voices and access wisdom to move their agencies in the strategic directions necessary for it to better achieve its mission. The LDS program provides a life-empowering and career-strengthening experience that will serve as the enduring foundation of each executive leader’s journey of personal and professional growth.

Leveraging the expertise and experience of each executive, the LDS establishes a learning community where the participants and faculty are both teachers and learners. Anchored in scientifically validated leadership theory and principals, the core curriculum is aligned with OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications and Leadership Competencies.

In addition to the LDS Core Curriculum, LDS participants, through a selection of learning environments and topics, tailor their learning experience to meet their self-determined goals and interests. Each executive completes several introspective assignments, at least one action learning project, and produces plans to transform themselves and their organizations.

How You Will Benefit
LDS prepares senior-level leaders for today’s complex challenges, including:

  • Broadened understanding of the U.S. Constitution as the foundation for Federal public service;
  • Increased critical self-awareness as an individual, team member, and leader;
  • Enhanced leadership and management strengths and areas for improvement, especially in the areas of team-building, strategic thinking, influencing/negotiating, political savvy, and external awareness;
  • Enhanced ability to identify problems and plan for action to improve organizational effectiveness;
  • Appreciate more fully the importance of Federal service and the diverse talents and resources of Federal executives;
  • Improved ability to leverage the diverse talents of the Federal workforce;
  • Expanded professional networks, enabling improved inter-organizational collaboration and problem-solving;
  • Increased resiliency, mental and physical wellness, and work-life balance.
Application Process



Applications packages will be submitted through command channels to the respective Army Commands (ACOM), Army Service Component Commands (ASCC), Direct Reporting Units (DRU), or the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (OAASA).

The nomination suspense date in this announcement applies to ACOMs, ASCCs, DRUs, and OAASA only. Applicants must check with local/command training manager for applicable deadline to submit application.

ACOMs, ASCCs, DRUs, and OAASA will use a competitive board to select candidates; utilizing an order of merit list (OML) to nominate primary and alternate candidates. The Nominee(s) Selection Form will be used to submit selectee information to HQDA by the suspense date in this announcement.

*Career Program-Funded Applications:
If selected, packets requesting Career Program/ACTEDS-funding support must be uploaded in the GoArmyEd system.


ACOMs, ASCCs, DRUs, and OAASA will provide selection/non-selection notification.

Funding Tuition (program fee) is $20,869.00 for the 4-week and Applied Learning Programs, and $15,627.00 for the Blended Learning Program.
  • Tuition includes all instructional services, course materials, meals and lodging charges.
  • Funding of tuition, travel, per diem, and incidentals is the responsibility of the nominating command/activity.
  • Applicants/commands requesting career program funding support must contact the respective FCR for additional information prior to applying.
  • FEI accepts payment via government credit card, interagency agreement, SF-182, IPAC or MIPR. The following information must be included on the payment document(s): complete billing address, appropriation/fund cite, requisition/purchase order number, Agency Locator Code/IPAC number, Treasury Account Symbol and approval signatures.
  • Tuition costs are non-refundable if agencies must cancel attendance.

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