The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Chapter 4
Government/Non-Government Training
Section I - Government Programs

Leadership for a Democratic Society (LDS)
at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI)

Length 4 weeks
Location The Federal Executive Institute (FEI) in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Program Dates
Program Suspense
Class Dates
395 16 Aug 13 0 Oct - 15 Nov 13
396 -
Applied Learning Program
27 Sep 13 01 - 13 Dec 13
and return
16 - 28 Mar 14
397 25 Oct 13 05 - 31 Jan 14
398 22 Nov 13 02 - 28 Feb 14
399 -
Applied Learning Program
07 Feb 14 06 - 18 Apr 14
and return
06 - 18 Jul 14
400 -
Applied Learning Program
14 Feb 14 21 Apr - 2 May 14
and return
20 Jul - 01 Aug 14
401 21 Feb 14 04 - 30 May 14
402 -
Applied Learning Program
21 Mar 14 01 - 13 June 14
and return
07 - 19 Sep 14
403 -
Applied Learning Program
04 Apr 14 15 - 27 Jun 14
and return
21 Sep - 3 Oct 14
404 23 May 14 03 - 29 Aug 14


Army Civilian managers at GS-15 or pay-band equivalent levels ONLY will be accepted into the LDS program.


  • Completion of Civilian Education System (CES) Advanced Course - (Copy of Advanced Course Certificate of Completion or CHRTAS Advanced Course Credit Documentation must be included in nomination packet).
  • Nominees must have completed three (3) years, or any combination thereof, of service in a permanent Department of the Army Civilian position(s) by the HQDA suspense date for the respective session.

To develop career executive competencies, linking individual development to improved agency performance.

Description This four-week program is targeted for Army Civilian Managers at the GS-15 or pay band equivalent level. It is held at the Office of Personnel Management's Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Virginia. LDS is designed to improve the leadership skills of senior career federal government executives to enhance individual and organizational performance. It focuses on personal leadership, transforming organizations, policy in a Constitutional system, and global context for executive action. Training consists of large seminar and small breakout sessions guided by professional facilitators.

Application Process

Applications packages (original plus a copy) will be forwarded through command channels - respective Army Command (ACOM), Army Service Component Command (ASCC), Direct Reporting Unit (DRU), the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (OAASA), or Civilian Personnel Director. The nomination suspense dates above are HQDA suspense dates. Please check with your local training coordinator for local and/or Army command suspense dates. Application packets received from individuals who do not meet ALL eligibility by the designated HQDA suspense date will not be processed and returned through command channels.
Complete application packages (original and one copy) must be sent through command channels to:

Department of the Army
G-37 Training Directorate
Civilian Training and Leader Development Division
ATTN: DAMO-TRV (Michelle White)
450 Army Pentagon - Room 2D639
Washington, DC 20310-0450

Email Inquiries

Selection And Notification

The nominations are reviewed by HQDA and will be disapproved if they are incomplete, poorly written, or applicant does not meet eligibility and/or program requirements. Selectees are notified by DAMO-TRV through command channels.

Funding Tuition cost $19,875.00 for a 4-week class.
  • Tuition includes all instructional services, course materials, and food and lodging charges.
  • Nominating agencies reimburse FEI via government credit card, interagency agreement, SF-182, IPAC or MIPR. The following information must be included on the payment document(s): complete billing address, appropriation/fund cite, requisition/purchase order number, Agency Locator Code/IPAC number, Treasury Account Symbol and approval signatures.
  • Tuition costs are non-refundable if agencies must cancel attendance

All costs are paid by the participant's organization. Command funded nominations/endorsements must state that local resources are available. Nominations packets received that do not contain this statement will NOT be processed.

Applicants/commands requesting career program funding support must contact the respective Career Program Functional Chief Representative for additional information.

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