The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Chapter 4
Government/Non-Government Training
Section I - Government Programs

Harvard University Program for Senior Executive Fellows (SEF)

Modern DCPDSCourse Code 11SEF
Length of Program 4 Weeks
Location John F. Kennedy School of Government,
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Suspense Dates
Dates of Program
Course DA Suspense Class Dates
Harvard SEF 23 Aug 13 13 Oct - 08 Nov 13
Harvard SEF 06 Dec 13 09 Feb - 07 Mar 14
Harvard SEF 22 Feb 14 13 Apr - 09 May 14
Eligibility Requirements Army Civilian managers at the GS-14/15 or equivalent levels. This course is directed primarily to promising upper-level managers who have advanced rapidly into senior positions and are now required to focus on "the larger picture" of the organization. Candidates for the Senior Executive Service are strongly desired.

  • Completion of Civilian Education System (CES) Advanced Course or equivalent course.
  • Nominees must have completed three (3) years, or any combination thereof, of service in a permanent Department of the Army civilian position(s) by the HQDA suspense date for the respective session.

To build executive skills in political and public management, negotiation, human resource management, policy-making, organizational strategy, communication, ethics and leadership. The Harvard Program for SEF focuses on skills associated with the Office of Personnel Management's (OPM) executive core qualifications (ECQs).

Description The Harvard SEF Program provides participants with practical, effective tools that help:
  • Identify and analyze the challenges and opportunities facing your organization, and master them politically, as well as technically;
  • Develop strategic plans of action using communication, negotiation and coalition-building skills;
  • Manage the tensions between long-term policy goals and short-term political pressures; and
  • Create an organizational environment that is responsive to change, but also true to its purpose and tradition.

This program does not teach answers to specific problems - it provides a strategic approach to problem-solving. From the start, participants will take on a leadership role, discovering ways to look at issues from new perspectives. Through classwork, group work, and individual study, participants will practice strategic analysis daily, until it becomes a natural, ingrained response.

Participants are expected to contribute their professional expertise to complement the program's learning experience, and are selected to reflect a broad cross-section of functional and operational responsibilities. The program is a unique opportunity to gain perspectives on public policy and management, to strengthen managerial skills and acquire insights into managerial practice, and to interact across agency and executive-legislative branch boundaries.

Application Process Application packages (original plus a copy) will be forwarded through command channels - respective Army Commands (ACOM), Army Service Component Commands (ASCC), Direct Reporting Units (DRU), or the Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (OAASA), Civilian Personnel Director. The nomination suspense dates are HQDA suspense dates. Please check with your local training coordinator for local and/or Army Command suspense dates. Application packets received from individuals who do not meet ALL eligibility requirements by the designated HQDA suspense date will not be processed. Complete application packages (original and one copy) must be sent through command channels to:
If sent via regular mail, use:
Department of the Army
G-37 Training Directorate
Civilian Training and Leader Dev Division
ATTN: DAMO-TRV (Ms. Carver)
450 Army Pentagon - Room 2D639
Washington, DC 20310-0450

If sent via FedExpress or other method of delivery, use:
Department of the Army
G-37 Training Directorate
Civilian Training and Leader Dev Division
ATTN: DAMO-TRV (Ms. Carver)
2530 Crystal Drive
Taylor Building, 5th Floor, Room 5158-C
Arlington, VA 22202


Harvard has been instructed by DA to return all applications that are sent directly to the school.

Email Inquiries
Selection and Notification

Nomination packets are reviewed/vetted by HQDA and will not be processed if they are incomplete, poorly written, or applicant does not meet eligibility and/or program requirements. Harvard University reserves final selection authority. Selectees are notified by DAMO-TRV through command channels. Army receives approximately 11 allocations per session.


Tuition (program fee) for Harvard SEF is $19,800. This cost includes tuition, curricular materials, housing, and most meals. Funding of tuition, travel, and per diem and incidentals is the responsibility of the nominating activity. All selectees are required to stay in assigned accommodations. Command funded nominations/endorsements must state that local resources are available; nomination packets received that do not contain this statement will not be processed.

Applicants/commands requesting career program funding support must contact the respective FCR for additional information prior to submitting packets to HQDA.

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