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Education Services (CP-31)


The Education Services Career Program (CP-31) competitive professional development opportunities are open to all CP-31 careerists. CP-31 careerists requesting ACTEDS funded training must have completed Civilian Education System (CES) training requirements in accordance with requirements specified in AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development, Chapter 3, section VI, 18 Dec 09 and have an approved Individual Development Plan (IDP). IDPs are agreements between the supervisor and employee for planned training activities and will be funded based on availability of funds. IDPs should be completed annually during initial counseling and reviewed as a minimum during mid-point counseling. All opportunities are competitive, and all applicants must be permanent, full time Department of the Army (DA) civilians with at least three (3) years of service at the time of application. The following types of training will be supported through requests for application or nominations:

Short Term Training

CP-31 supports short term training by vendors/learning institutions that provides the incumbent with skills to enhance his or her productivity, leadership capabilities, technical skills and knowledge, and overall understanding of the Army's Education Services mission. Training events must take place at a military/government facility or learning institution. Vendors must be in GoArmyEd prior to receiving approval. All requests for training dollars should be sent to the CP-31 Office for approval by the FCR or the FCR's representative. The CP-31 Office will prioritize and distribute funds in accordance with FCR guidance upon receipt from HQDA.

Civilian Tuition Assistance

In addition to courses listed above, CP-31 will offer tuition assistance for careerists seeking college/university level courses directly related to competencies within their job field/mission. Colleges must be in GoArmyEd prior to receiving approval. Careerists must complete the courses outside of regular work hours, and travel costs will not be authorized (local or online courses only). Individual courses (not degrees) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Workshops, Symposiums, and Conferences

Attendance at conferences/workshops/symposiums requires formal conference approval IAW current OSD, Army, and HQDA G-3/5/7 procedures and additional processing time. In addition to requiring formal approval, the conference, workshop, or symposium must be determined a training activity prior to being eligible for ACTEDS funding.

Developmental Assignment Opportunities

CP-31 developmental opportunities allow for careerists to gain insightful knowledge of higher or cross-organizational management and program operations outside of their regular work location. Assignments can be from two to four months. Careerists with specific interests are encouraged to notify the Career Program POC. Start-up dates for these assignments are flexible and the number of assignments varies depending upon the number of applicants and organizational needs. Applications will be accepted throughout the year. "Job swap" developmental opportunities may also be available for two or more careerists who are at the same pay grade. A Continued Service Agreement may be required depending on the length of the developmental assignment.

Civilian Education System (CES)

The Civilian Education System (CES) is the foundation of the Army's leader development program for all Army Civilians, providing progressive and sequential education courses throughout their careers. CES is centrally funded by HQDA G-37/Training Directorate for most permanent Army Civilians, including but not limited to general schedule (GS), non-appropriated fund (NAF), local national (LN) and wage grade (WG) employees. CES leadership courses, or designated equivalent courses, are required for all Army Civilians. Employees should include attendance at the CES course for which they are eligible in their Individual Development Plans (IDP). Employees are eligible to attend the CES course that is targeted at their grade level. GS-01 through GS-09 employees are eligible to attend the CES Basic Course; GS-10 through GS-12 employees are eligible to attend the CES Intermediate Course; and GS-13 through GS-15 employees are eligible to attend the CES Advanced Course. NOTE: All Army Civilians who were hired after 30 September 2006 are required to take the Foundation Course prior to enrolling in any of the CES courses.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

All eligible candidates will receive consideration for these professional development assignments without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, disability condition, political affiliation, or any other non-merit factor.

Competitive Selection Process

All CP-31 ACTEDS professional development opportunities are competitive based on funding and the number of applicants. The following criteria may be used in making selection: leadership potential; meaningful utilization plan; prior contributions to organization; demonstrated initiative; and strong command endorsements. Final selections will be made by the FCR. Some opportunities may be subject to interim approval through the careerist's Command Point of Contact.

Application Submission Deadline

Deadline for CP-31 CPD applications will be provided under separate announcements. Submit applications through GoArmyEd at Some announcements also require a separate application to be submitted through the careerist's Command Point of Contact.

Point of Contact

Ms. Sophia Sweeney, 502-613-8633/DSN 983 Email inquiries can be directed to

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