The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Equal Employment Opportunity (CP-28)


The CP-28 Competitive Professional Development (CPD) Program is intended to develop an effective and efficient workforce for the Institutional Army. The rigors of Civilian Workforce Transformation (CWT) as a response to constantly changing economic, business processing, and cultural factors compel us to ensure that our workforce is more capable than ever. The offerings in this catalog strongly support individual professional development which enables CP-28 professionals to maximize opportunities for self-improvement and advancement. Thus, the strategy is to better support the Institutional Army by providing opportunities for CP-28 professionals to acquire needed competencies through the acquisition of knowledge and experience. The strategy is influenced significantly by the expansion of CP-28 to include three additional job series: 0301, Program Directors, 0360, Equal Opportunity Compliance; and 0361, Equal Opportunity Assistant. The program focuses on the overall training and development of all CP-28 careerists


Competitive Professional Development (CPD) opportunities within the Equal Employment Opportunity Career Program include: Continuing Job-Related Education; Functional Training; and Career Broadening Developmental Assignments. These opportunities are designed to develop a pool of high-potential careerists for positions of leadership or higher responsibility in our career program and challenge existing leaders to reach new levels of professional achievement.

The CP-28 funding priorities place emphasis on competency gap closure through outreach training and web-based technical training. Annually, the Functional Chief Representative, with input from the CP-28 career Program Planning Board (EEO Board of Directors) determines the ratio of funding for each element of our career program.

Additional training requirements of CP-28 careerists that have been documented in an approved Individual Development Plan (IDP) may be considered for ACTEDS funding on a case-by-case basis.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligible EEO and EO professionals at grades GS-05 through GS-15 (or equivalents levels) are eligible to apply for all CP-28 training and professional development opportunities offered.

All nominees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Have completed the distance learning portion of the requisite level of Civilian Education System (CES) or equivalent course or have supporting documentation of waiver approval, and
  2. Meet any other requirements and/or pre-requisites as indicated in the course announcement.

Application Procedures

A training application must be made via GoArmyEd and include ALL requested documents which may include the following:

  • All CP-28 careerists, and their supervisors, must have/create a GoArmyEd account to participate in ACTEDS-funded training. Additional information is located at:
  • Application for ACTEDS Training Opportunities - Go ArmyEd
  • Upload current Resume that lists your work experience (limited to 2 pages)
  • Upload Nominee's Statement of Interest - online Form (describe your background to include discussion of your experience)
  • Upload Supervisor's Validation of Requirement Utilization Plan - Online Form (be sure to provide the supervisor's name, title, and contact information). This document should address the expected transfer of knowledge/skills/abilities/competencies and how the newly gained experience will be utilized upon completion of the developmental assignment.
  • Upload requisite level CES Completion Certificate/equivalency/waiver documentation.
  • Upload copy of the most current Performance Appraisal, to include support documents. Note: Performance appraisals covering additional timeframes may be required for some programs.
  • Upload Army Command Endorsement which addresses the expected transfer of knowledge/skills/abilities/competencies and how the newly gained experience will be utilized upon completion of the developmental assignment. - Required for any long-term (120 plus calendar days) training opportunity. Must also be submitted if requested in the training announcement.
  • Functional Review Form - On-line (if requested in the training announcement.
  • Continued Service Agreement, if required.

NOTE: During the initial application process, application packets (to include supporting documents) may also be submitted to the CP-28 Central Mailbox located at: However, once all vetting/boarding is complete, selectee(s) must complete the training application and SF-182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training via GoArmyEd.


Competition for ACTEDS funds is keen; therefore, nominations/funding requests must be submitted not later than seventy (70) days prior to training/course/program start date.

Funding for CP-28 approved training may be limited to tuition/matriculation fees, books, materials, supplies, and other services/facility costs directly related to the training, or travel/per diem. Employee salaries and rental cars are not covered. Competitive application procedures will be published through, course announcements, routine correspondence, and/or the Army Career Tracker Landing Page , the ACTEDS Catalog, and the Army Civilian Training and Leader Development website.

NOTE: Unsuccessful completion of any course/training will result in recoupment of associated training costs, excluding salary and benefits


Selections will be made on a competitive basis with additional weight being applied to: how the nominating activity intends to use the knowledge gained from the training/developmental assignment; and the proposed return on investment to Army.

Short-Term Training

Short-term training provides careerists with a competency-based approach for developing or broadening individual competencies. Short-term training will be supported when the training is in keeping with the ACTEDS Training Plan or other identified training needs that result in significant benefit to the individual and the organization. These training opportunities are 120 or less calendar days and should be designed to broaden careerists' experience, knowledge and perspective in management and/or operational techniques.

Long-Term Training

Any training and/or education to which an employee is assigned on a continuous, full-time basis for more than 120 calendar days is considered long-term training. Careerists selected for long-term training will incur a continued service obligation of not less than three (3) times the length of service with the DOD.

Developmental Assignments

Developmental assignments are economical and effective ways to assist CP-28 careerists in building or enhancing their competencies, skills, knowledge, and abilities in the various Equal Employment Opportunity functional areas (i.e., Equal Employment Opportunity Manager, Equal Opportunity Compliance Specialist, and Equal Opportunity Assistant). Developmental assignments will vary in length but are usually 90-120 days.

Developmental assignment opportunities occur throughout the year. These training assignments will be announced throughout the CP-28 community Army-wide to give all eligible careerists an opportunity to compete for such assignments. The CP-28 Functional Chief Representative's (FCR) goal is to use various functional and cross-functional developmental assignments to increase multifunctional capabilities within the CP-28 community.

  • Any training assignment in excess of 120 calendar days incurs a continued service obligation with DoD for not less than three (3) times the length of the training.
  • • Careerists are competitively evaluated via a CP-28-hosted selection panel. The evaluation process consists of a review of nomination packet documents by panel members who provide an Order of Merit Listing (OML) to the CP-28 FCR for review/approval.
  • The FCR has final selection approval authority.
University Training

Competitive Professional Development provides valuable learning experiences and competitive edges for careerists' future advancement. All degree programs, whether funded by ACTEDS or Commands, must be approved by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs). Listed below is the criteria for participation in CP-28-funded university training, to include the documents required with each application package.

  1. 1. Must be at pay grade GS-09 (or equivalent) or above to participate in the university training program.
  2. Enroll in a local college/university that is accredited by a nationally recognized body undergraduate or graduate degree program in a course/program of study directly related to current position/field, on line or-resident.
  3. Continued Service Agreement for three times the length of the training to begin upon successful completion of program
  4. Must complete all undergraduate courses with a grade of "C" or higher.
  5. Must complete all graduate courses with a grade of "B" or higher.

Academic Degree Training (ADT)

  1. Must complete online forms at: and follow instructions.
  2. Completed packages must be submitted via GoArmyEd.
  3. All applications for University Training must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the start of first classes. The entire process will require about 120 days (contacting the college, assembling the package and obtaining chain of command endorsements to final staffing and approval.
  4. Submission of application packages for university training does not guarantee approval for the program. The availability of university training funds will determine how many application packages are accepted and approved.
  5. ASA (M&RA) is the final approval authority for the ADT.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Applicants will be evaluated competitively based on their length of civilian service with the Army, experience, education, government-related training, awards, length of undergraduate or graduate degree program, motivation, mission-based need and return on investment to the Army.
  • University Training includes graduate level programs in technical areas as well as limited programs designed to enhance the managerial, and leadership skills of experienced professionals. Selection will be based on the need for the training to assist in competency gap closure, previously funded training, competitive considerations and the Supervisor's Validation of Requirement Utilization Plan. ty attendance in lieu of traditional work assignments.
Training-With-Industry (TWI)

Training with industry (TWI) is rarely used. Any requests or submission of potential TWI assignments would be vetted by the CP-28 Civilian Career Management Proponency Office and, with the FCR’s approval, competitively announced. This assignment should be in keeping with identified organizational needs and the career goals of the nominee.

  • The length of the assignment should be at least 120 days, but not more than one year as funding permits.
  • Training programs must be uniquely designed and individually tailored to offer the trainee direct private industry experience that should improve his/her effectiveness in working relationships with counterparts in private industry firms.
  • CP-28 professionals may choose a corporation anywhere in CONUS. The TWI assignment must offer exposure in such areas as equal employment opportunity, civil rights, workforce diversity, leadership and inclusion, or employee relations in order to broaden their EEO experience. Start dates are negotiable but all training must be completed within the same fiscal year that the training began.
  • The TWI participants will be accountable for the results achieved. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the trainee's Command and the company providing the training will be completed by the nominating Command. Also to be included will be any language deemed required by the legal office.
  • All MOU's will require legal review.

This MOU will describe what work the trainee will perform and how he/she will be evaluated. The MOU will also include a statement that explains that salary and benefits are paid by the employee's home office with per diem and TDY paid by the FCR. Funding for TWI assignment may be considered only on a case-by-case basis.


CP-28 provides funding support for various local diversity certification and/or inclusion training programs. Post secondary institutions must be located in the U.S. Data Base of Accredited Post-Secondary Institutions and Programs. Programs are limited to no more than twelve (12) semester hours. Payment for certification testing/examinations is not covered. The applicant’s letter of acceptance/documentation of program acceptance from the school, to include the identification of required courses, must be submitted at the time of application.

Competitive Selection Procedures

The CP-28 Competitive Professional Development (CPD) Program is open to all CP-28 Army Civilians serving in career status appointments, who have completed or are currently enrolled in the appropriate level of Civilian Education System (CES) training; and any other course/program prerequisites. Nomination packets are reviewed for adherence to requirements, paneled as needed, and approved by the CP-28 Functional Chief Representative. Application must be made via the GoArmyEd process.

Point of Contact

Questions/concerns may be addressed to the CP-28 Civilian Career Management Proponency Office Group Mailbox located at:

USARMY Pentagon HQDA DCS G-1 Mailbox CP28 CIV EEO/EO Career Program

Civilian Education System (CES)

The Civilian Education System (CES) is the foundation of the Army's leader development program for all Army Civilians, providing progressive and sequential education courses throughout their careers. CES is centrally funded by HQDA G-37/Training Directorate for most permanent Army Civilians, including but not limited to general schedule (GS), non-appropriated fund (NAF), local national (LN) and wage grade (WG) employees. CES leadership courses, or designated equivalent courses, are required for all Army Civilians. Employees should include attendance at the CES course for which they are eligible in their Individual Development Plans (IDP).

Employees are eligible to attend the CES course that is targeted at their grade level. GS-01 through GS-09 employees are eligible to attend the CES Basic Course; GS-10 through GS-12 employees are eligible to attend the CES Intermediate Course; and GS-13 through GS-15 employees are eligible to attend the CES Advanced Course. NOTE: All Army Civilians who were hired after 30 September 2006 are required to take the Foundation Course prior to enrolling in either of the CES courses.

More information on CES courses, as well as instructions on how to enroll can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development website at

Army Career Tracker (ACT)

Army Career Tracker (ACT) is the Army web portal created to change significantly the way training, education and experiential learning support is provided to Army enlisted, officer, civilian, and their leaders/supervisors. Users can search multiple education and training resources, monitor career development and receive advice from their leadership. Additionally, ACT will allow the user to:

  • Identify training activities and requirements based on tailored Career Management Field, Career Field and Career Program Maps.
  • Track individual progress of Individualized Development Plan (IDP) goals.
  • View multiple skill and competency career progressions across multiple career maps.
  • Search multiple training catalogs and educational resources.
  • Connect with peers through My Journal knowledge collaboration. ACT includes Supervisor and Career Program Manager dashboard functionality.
  • Provide an unofficial "lifelong learning transcript" that represents the accumulation of all assignment, training, and education accomplishments by the user.

More information on ACT can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development website: .


Army Civilians Corps will use GoArmyEd ( to process on-line training applications and SF 182, Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training, requests for G-3/7 centrally managed/funded professional development courses.

The schools/vendors vendor must agree to use the GoArmyEd system for submitting invoices and grades to the Army for approved ACTEDS-funded enrollments.

More information on GoArmyEd can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development (CTLD) website:

More Information!
  • Career Program ACTEDS Plans - Information about career management training, education, and development is provided in the CP-28 ACTEDS plan at the ACT link below.
  • Course Checklist - Employees requesting ACTEDS funding support for both short- and long-term CP-28-related training opportunities, announced or unannounced, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Additional information is also located in the CP-28 Army Career Tracker (ACT) Landing Page located at:

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