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Career Program (CP) 27, Housing Management, is a career program for Department of Army Civilians who work in a variety of housing related positions encompassing a wide scope of housing functions that are embedded at all levels of the Army structure from the Installation to Headquarters. Housing Management Specialists work in five distinct programs of Housing: Housing Services, Unaccompanied Housing, Army Family Housing (including General/Flag Officer Quarters (GFOQ)), Residential Communities Initiative, and Lodging. Programs identified in the Army Civilian Training, Education and Development Systems (ACTEDS) Plan includes formal classroom and on-the-job developmental assignments that align with Department of Defense (DoD) and Army Human Capital Strategic Plans. The intent of the training opportunities is to focus on growing technically proficient and capable leaders.

ACTEDS funds are always subject to availability. Each year CP-27 will direct available ACTEDS funds to address the Functional Chief's (FC) initiatives as they relate to supporting identified competency gaps across the career program. Competitive Professional Development (CPD) activities will be identified and announced in accordance with the CP-27 ACTEDS Plan. All applications must address the minimum application requirements stated in the announcement and will be competitively selected to include board selection where appropriate.

Competitive Professional Development (CPD) Information and Criteria:
  1. The developmental activity/training requested must be reflected on an approved Individual Development Plan (IDP) either in Army Career Tracker or their commands' approved IDP form.
  2. Completion of Civilian Education System (CES) requirements appropriate to grade level.
  3. Held a permanent Army Civilian position, or combination of permanent Army Civilian positions, for a total of three (3) or more years at time of application.
  4. No negative rating or disciplinary action during the current or previous rating cycle.
  5. CP-27 funded CPD applications must process through GoArmyEd.
  6. ACTEDS funds cannot be used to pay for actual certification or licensure.
  7. Careerists selected for full-time, continuous training in government facilities in excess of 120 calendar days or non-government facilities in excess of 80 hours must agree in writing to continue in Department of the Army (DA) or DOD service for a period equal to at least three times the length of the training program or course (e.g., if the approved training is 10 months, the employee is obligated to continue in DA or DOD service for 30 months upon completion of training).
  8. CP-27 does not fund travel associated with University or College courses or Academic Degree Training (ADT).
  9. Additional Information:
    1. Salary and personal benefits are the responsibility of the command and not funded by CP-27.
    2. Cash advances are not authorized. Employees MUST obtain a Government Credit Card (through their local activity) prior to travel.
    3. Rental cars are not authorized with ACTEDS funds. However the employee's activity may choose to fund.
    4. If an employee must cancel their training, the employee must immediately notify their supervisor, the course provider, and the CP-27 Proponent Office. Failure to coordinate cancellation of training with the CP-27 POC may result in employee being held responsible for the vendor's cancellation fees.

Army Civilians will use ( to process ACTEDS training applications and SF 182 Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training requests for G-3/5/7 centrally and command-funded training and professional development opportunities. To access GoArmyEd, go to and select the "Student" radio button in the Create/Activate a GoArmyEd Account then select the Create/Activate Account" button. After creating an account, the Student will have the ability to apply for training. The Student’s supervisor must also have an account to endorse the training request. In addition, if travel is associated with this training, the student must gain the appropriate level of approval from their garrison or command prior to submitting the training request.

Careerists must plan ahead for training attendance so that the training application and the SF182 are approved in GoArmyEd at least 20 days in advance of the start of training. This does not take into account the time it may take the Student to gain the appropriate level of approval from their garrison or command prior to submitting the training request if travel is required.

Additional information on GoArmyEd can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development (CTLD) website:

Short Term Training (STT)

Short-term training is training 120 calendar days or less. Training instances may include, but are not limited to, professional workshops, seminars, and university courses. Attendance at workshops and seminars must have a demonstrated training purpose and must be documented in each respective Career Program/Career Field Master Training Program (MTP) or IDP. The primary source for STT technical training for CP-27 is the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) sponsored training in the areas of Army Housing: Army Family Housing (AFH), General/Flag Officer Quarters (GFOQ), Housing Services Office (HSO), Residential Communities Initiative (RCI) and Unaccompanied Housing (UH). Training is directly related to the day-to-day functions expected of Army Housing careerists and provides technical competencies in Army Housing programs. Courses are offered in level 1 (basic), level 2 (intermediate) and executive levels. In addition, training in support of Non Appropriated Fund lodging operations is offered through IMCOM Academy School for Family and MWR. Non-technical training opportunities are offered several times a year with limited number of slots. A list of STT opportunities are announced each fiscal year through the CP 27 Proponency Office, Command Career Program Managers, and the CP-27 Army Career Tracker portal page.

Developmental Assignments

Cross training of employees (GS-09 through GS-15) will generate numerous managerial and technical skills, augmenting the proficiency of the Housing organization and its employees. The type and length of developmental assignments may vary, but should keep with identified career goals of the nominee. The Army Housing Training Program Manager will assist the applicant in identifying suitable assignments. Interested Careerists should work with the CP27 Training Manager to design a comprehensive assignment that will enhance the nominee's performance in the Housing arena.

Training with Industry (TWI)

TWI is designed to strengthen the management and customer service skills of employees (GS-09 through GS-15) within Army Housing. TWI is a developmental assignment that provides participants a better understanding of operating a "business" in addition to providing optimum customer service. Training is conducted at various locations and ranges from three to six weeks in length. Interested Careerists should work with their supervisor and the CP27 Training Manager to develop a TWI program that will enhance an employee's performance.

University Training

CP-27 funded university training is currently limited to job related courses that do not lead to a degree. University training is limited to 12 credit hours before the Careerist is required to be enrolled in an ADT program. CP27 is exploring the opportunity for higher education funding that may lead to a degree.

Civilian Education System (CES)

The Civilian Education System (CES) is the foundation of the Army's leader development program for all Army Civilians, providing progressive and sequential education courses throughout their careers. CES is centrally funded by HQDA G-37/Training Directorate for most permanent Army Civilians, including but not limited to General Schedule (GS), Non-Appropriated Fund (NAF), Local National (LN) and Wage Grade (WG) employees. CES leadership courses, or designated equivalent courses, are required for all Army Civilians. Employees should include attendance at the CES course for which they are eligible in their IDP. More information on CES courses, as well as instructions on how to enroll can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development website at

Other Professional Development Programs

The Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM) and Enterprise Talent Management (ETM) programs are administered by the Civilian Senior Leader Management Office (CSLMO) of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs).

These programs are open to GS-12 and GS-15 (or equivalent) employees who wish to apply for participation. More information about these programs and the application process is available at the SETM website:

  • The Enterprise Placement Program - (GS-15 or equivalent)
  • Project Based -Temporary Duty (TDY) - (SETM Program GS-14 to GS-15 or equivalent; ETM Program GS-13 or equivalent)
  • Senior Service College - (GS-14 to GS-15 or equivalent)
  • The Defense Senior Leader Development Program – (GS-14 to GS-15 or equivalent)
  • Army Senior Civilian Fellows - (GS-14 to GS-15 or equivalent)
  • Command and General Staff Officers College (CGSOC) - (GS-12 -by exception to GS 13 or equivalent)
  • Enterprise Leader Development Program - (GS-12 to GS-13 or equivalent)
  • ETM Shadowing - (GS 12 to GS-13 or equivalent)
Point of Contact

CP 27 Proponency Office
Ms Suzanne Harrison
Functional Community Manager
Phone: (571) 256-8695

Ms Tonie Pangco
Phone: (571) 256-1324

CP-27 Intern Manager
Ms Stefanie Casey
Phone: (571) 256-9748

More Information
  • Career Program ACTEDS Plans - Information about career management training, education, and development is provided in the individual ACTEDS plans. Individual plans may be found using the ACTEDS link below.

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