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Manpower and Force Management (CP-26)


The Manpower and Force Management Career Program (CP26) Competitive Professional Development (CPD) Program is open to all GS-11s and above with three years of federal service as a Department of Army civilian currently assigned to a CP26 position. This program enables the CP26 Proponency Office to offer career enhancing opportunities through short term training courses, developmental assignments and Academic Degree Training. All applications submitted to the CP26 Proponency Office are reviewed for eligibility and compliance with ACTEDS requirements. This review includes:

  • Logical progression of training and/or education
  • Training and/or education relevance to potential mission
  • Performance appraisals
  • Manpower and Force Management experience
  • Recommendation by supervisor
  • Recommendation by command career program manager
  • Personal statement of interest
  • CES completion for grade level

In addition, some training and/or development opportunities may have prerequisites. Refer to the CP26 ACTEDS Plan for more information.

Functional Training
Short Term Training (STT)

Short term training programs are focused on functional training. These courses, offered through the CP26 CPD Program, support the technical competencies expected of CP26 careerists.

  • Functional Area 50 Qualifications Course (FA50Q)
  • Defense Resource Management Course (DRMC)
  • Capabilities Development Course (CDC)
  • Defense Decision Support Course (DDSC)
  • Operations Research Systems Analysis Military Applications Course (ORSA MAC)
  • Executive Comptroller Course (ECC)
  • Army Comptroller Course (ACC)

Refer to the CP26 ACTEDS Plan for more information on these courses. Selectees will be funded only for travel and per diem as authorized in the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR).

Developmental Assignments

Developmental Assignments are an economical and effective way to build professional credentials in fulfilling identified career goals. Assignments are typically three to six months training details to an organizational level or functional area different from the one to which the careerist is assigned. Assignments are normally lateral assignments to positions where the individual can build and enhance competencies and gain work experience beyond their current position. These opportunities will be announced Army-wide by the CP26 FCR.

Academic Degree Training (ADT)

College and university programs provide opportunities for careerists to cultivate professional skills. Educational opportunities are offered for degree and non-degree study programs. CP26 has set specific parameters ADT funding. Any college or university course must be job-related. For a Bachelor's program, CP26 may fund the last year of the program; this limit was set to recognize a careerist's drive to complete an academic program in which they have a personal investment. For a Master's program, CP26 funding will focus on three disciplines: Public Administration; Business Administration or Operations Research Systems Analysis. CP26 does not fund PhD programs. Contact the CP26 office to discuss options and review the ADT application requirements.

Leadership Training
Civilian Education System (CES)

The Civilian Education System is the foundation of the Army's leader development program for all Army Civilians, providing progressive and sequential education courses throughout their careers. CES is centrally funded by HQDA G-37/Training Directorate for most permanent Army Civilians, including but not limited to general schedule (GS), non-appropriated fund (NAF), local national (LN) and wage grade (WG) employees. CES leadership courses or designated equivalent courses, are required for all Army Civilians. Employees should include attendance at the CES course for which they are eligible on their Individual Development Plans (IDPs).

Employees are eligible to attend the CES course that is targeted at their grade level. GS-01 through GS-09 employees are eligible to attend the CES Basic Course; GS-10 through GS-12 employees are eligible to attend the CES Intermediate Course; and GS-13 through GS-15 employees are eligible to attend the CES Advanced Course. NOTE: All Army Civilians who were hired after 30 September 2006 are required to take the Foundation Course prior to enrolling in any of the CES courses.

More information CES courses, as well as instructions on how to enroll can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development website at

Army Civilian Talent Management

The Army has several programs focused on developing leadership skills within its civilian workforce. These multi-layered programs include various elements of self-development, formal schooling and travel. Careerists are strongly encouraged to review these programs and the career-enhancing benefits that come from initiative.

  • Senior Enterprise Talent Management (SETM): GS-14 & GS-15
  • Enterprise Talent Management (ETM): GS-12 & GS-13
  • Emerging Enterprise Leader (EEL): Currently being developed for GS-09 through GS-11

Information on these opportunities can be found at

Other Competitive Opportunities

There are competitive opportunities beyond the current CP26 CPD program. In addition to the Army's talent management programs, careerists may want to consider the Federal Executive Institute's "Leadership for a Democratic Society" or the Army's Congressional Fellowship Program. These programs and a few others can expand a careerist's leadership capabilities and prepare them for a broader Army enterprise role. For more information, contact your command training coordinator.

Approval Process A panel of CP-26 careerists review nominations and provide recommendations to the FCR for CP-26. The FCR is the final decision authority.
CP26 Proponent Office
Point of Contact
Address telephonic inquiries to CP-26 Proponency Office (703) 695-5437
Send email inquiries to

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