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CP-18 is committed to developing a world-class workforce with a reputation for technical and leadership excellence. Training and competitive professional development (CPD) opportunities within CP-18 are designed to develop a pool of high-potential employees for positions of leadership or higher responsibility in our career program and challenge existing leaders to reach new levels of professional achievement.

Our funding is prioritized each year to put emphasis on competency gap closure through outreach training and web-based technical training for as many employees as funding permits. . In addition, CP-18 provides funding for CPD opportunities for high-performing individuals.

Short-Term Programs and Outreach Training
Short-Term Programs

Short Term Training provides employees with a competency-based approach for developing or broadening individual competencies. This opportunity for training (120 calendar days or less) is designed to broaden employees’ experience, knowledge and perspective in both technical and non-technical subjects. Examples of training instances in this category include engineering/scientific technical courses offered through various training providers and accredited vendors. CP-18 coordinates with commands and communities of practice annually to determine the best use of funding to support short-term training. Individual CP-18 employees who would like to take short-term training must contact the CP-18 Proponency first to determine availability of funding.

Online Continuing Education

CP-18 funds an online continuing education program for certification requirements. Employees may access the training at any time and from any computer as it is not CAC-enabled website. The training site provides over 1,400 courses and live webinars. Each course is approximately one to four hours or continuing education unit in length. Employees wishing to sign up for access to the website must contact the CP-18 Proponency office.

The Army eLearning program is an enterprise-wide, web-based training system that offers over 3,500 courses in information technology business, leadership, and professional development. This free, self-pace training is available to all DA Civilians regardless of grade.

OPM’S Center for Leadership Development

OPM's Center for Leadership Development (CLD) is dedicated to transforming leaders to better serve the Federal government. The courses offered are a range of topics including leadership, organizational change, project management, and federal budgetary policies and processes. Training is available online, in classroom settings, and at their residential centers in Charlottesville, VA, Washington, DC and Denver, CO. This training may be funded by CP-18. Employees must contact the CP-18 Proponency Office to determine funding availability.

The Competitive Professional Development (CPD) program is open to Army Civilians serving in career status appointments, Schedule A excepted appointments without time limitation, or excepted appointments in the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System serving in a full-time Army permanent appointment. Army Civilians include permanent local national employees of comparable pay grades (when their salaries are funded with Operations and Maintenance Army (OMA) dollars) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Civil Works and Arlington National Cemetery cemeterial-funded employees registered in a career program. Specific eligibility requirements vary by CPD program. Civilian employees, regardless of grade or category (e.g., appropriated fund, nonappropriated fund, wage grade, local national), selected for non-government training in excess of 80 hours, or long-term training or developmental programs in excess of 120 calendar days (government or non-government) must sign an agreement to continue to serve in the DoD for a period equal to at least three times the length of the training course or program. The obligation period may be longer based on associated training costs. Calculation of the continued service obligation period will not include weekends or federal holidays. The obligation period begins on the first duty day following completion of the training instance or program of study.

Competitive Professional Development
Leader Development Programs

Based on the availability of funds, CP-18 may fund a variety of leader development programs such as the Harvard University Program for Senior Executive Fellows, the Federal Executive Institute’s Leadership for a Democratic Society Program, Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership, and the Graduate School USA’s Executive Leadership Program. Application processes and deadlines will be announced. All applications will be paneled and competitively rank ordered.

Academic Degree Training (ADT)

CP-18 Academic Degree Training (ADT) funds provide competitive opportunities to Army Civilians who have demonstrated initiative, outstanding performance, and high career potential, and are capable of undertaking a rigorous academic program of study. These programs are customarily taken on non-duty hours. Only the highest caliber applicants whose intent for ADT directly supports the Army's critical mission areas are funded. Applicants must have served one year of permanent, full time employment as an Army Civilian at the time of application.

Selection will be based on the need for the training to assist in competency gap closure, previous funded training, competitive considerations and the utilization plan. CP-18 does not fund full time attendance in lieu of traditional work assignments.

  • All applicants are competitively selected.
  • The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) (ASA (M&RA)) retains approval authority for all Civilian ADT regardless of funding source with the exception of STEM-related degrees. The ASA (M&RA) has delegated approval authority for ADT in STEM fields for master’s degrees and below to the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army and the commanders/heads of the Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, and Direct Reporting Units.
  • This program is not available to interns, Recent Graduates under the Pathways Program, re-employed annuitants, temporary, term, or seasonal employees. The term intern also refers to individuals, typically with degrees or a combination of higher education and experience, competitively selected under any appointment authority as an Army Civilian as part of a formal structured two or three-year training and development program.
  • CP-18 does not fund local mileage or travel costs for programs outside the local commuting area.
  • Applicants must contact the career program office prior to submitting an application into GoArmyEd system for the ADT program.
  • The application package requirements are at In the ADT application form the ACPM and CCPM must address how degree completion would benefit the command and the U.S. Army. In addition to the forms required in the application package, CP-18 requires the additional following items:
    • Two letters of recommendation. The first letter must be the applicant's immediate supervisor (person who signs employee performance appraisal) and the second letter must be from another individual in the employee’s chain of command.
    • Previous transcripts
    • Three most current performance appraisals. If three appraisals are not available, applicants must include a statement detailing the reason.
    • A statement of completion of the Supervisory Development Course is required if applicable.

Developmental Assignments

The Developmental Assignment Program (DAP) is a valuable form of employee development.

The DAP’s primary focus is to promote and support professional development for diverse learners. Potential recipients are given experience in diverse functions through various job rotations and cross functional assignments. The DAP enables employees to gather practical knowledge, skills, and abilities outside his or her common experience. The DAP provides maximum potential for career progression. Assignments vary and can range from three to six months but no more than 179 days in total, including travel time. These opportunities may be announced Army-wide by the FCR or be developed by command career program managers. Based on availability of funding, CP-18 will fund travel and per diem IAW the Joint Travel Regulation. CP-18 will not fund rental cars, travel in/around the TDY site, or local mileage. Salary remains the responsibility of the employee’s organization.

Army Career Tracker (ACT)

Army Career Tracker (ACT) is a leadership development and career planning tool that integrates training and education into one personalized website. ACT allows Army Civilian employees to:

  • Create Individual Development Plans (IDP) to establish short and long term goals
  • Track progress against known career benchmarks
  • Receive personalized advice from their supervisor
  • Search multiple education and training resources including career maps by occupational series and career program

More information on ACT can be found on the Army Career Tracker website at:


Army Civilians Corps will use GoArmyEd ( to process online training applications and SF-182 (Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training) requests for CP-18 funded training and professional development courses.

The schools/vendors must agree to use the GoArmyEd system for submitting invoices and grades to the Army for approved CP-18 funded enrollments.

Point of Contact

CP-18 Proponency Office Email:

More Information
  • Career Program ACTEDS Plans - Information about career management training, education, and career ladder development is provided in the ACTEDS plan appendices and through Career Maps. More information on CP 18 professional development and the career program may be found using the "Go to ACTEDS Plan" link below. Career Maps may be found by logging into Army Career Tracker.
  • Course Checklist - Employees requesting ACTEDS funds for training-with-industry programs, developmental assignments, short-term training opportunities (120 days for less) and non-academic degree programs must provide the information found in the "Course Checklist" below.

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