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Civilian Human Resource Management (CP-10)

University Training

Competitive Professional Development provides a valuable learning experience and competitive edge for future advancement. CP-10 careerists develop their own full-time or part-time course of study with colleges or universities that is accredited by a nationally recognized body for the purpose to obtain a degree. All degree programs, whether funded by ACTEDS or Commands, must be approved by the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs). Listed below are the criteria to participate in university training and the documents required with each application package requesting university training:


  1. Must have served at least three (3) years of permanent, full-time employment as a DA civilian and is currently a full time Army CP-10 civilian employee
  2. Must be the pay grade of GS-11 (or equivalent) or above to participate in the university training program
  3. Enroll in a college/university that is accredited by a nationally recognized body undergraduate or graduate degree program in Human Resources or related field on line or in-resident
  4. Continued Service Agreement for three times the length of the training to begin upon successful completion of program
  5. Must successfully complete undergraduate Human Resources Degree program within five (5) years of start date
  6. Must successfully complete graduate Human Resources Degree program within three (3) years of start date
  7. Must maintain a grade point average of "C" for the undergraduate Human Resources Degree program
  8. Must maintain a grade point average of "B" for the graduate Human Resources Degree program

Academic Degree Training (ADT) Application Procedures:

  1. Must complete online forms at: and follow instructions. Questions can be directed to:
  2. Completed packages must be scanned and electronically sent to:
  3. All applications for University Training must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the start of first classes. The entire process will require about 120 days (contacting the college, assembling the package and obtaining chain of command endorsements to final staffing and approval. Check with your CP-10 ACOM, Army Service Component Command or Direct Reporting Unit.
  4. Submission of application packages for university training does not guarantee approval for the program. The availability of university training funds will determine how many application packages are accepted and approved.
  5. ASA (M&RA) is the final approval authority for the university training program.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The following will be taken into consideration when competitively evaluating ADT applicants: 1) length of Army civilian service, 2) Performance rating, 3) HR experience, 4) current education level, 5) previous government-related training, 6) awards, 7) nominee motivation, 8) mission-based validation/utilization, 9) timeliness of requested training, and 10) anticipated return on value/investment.
Developmental Assignments Development assignments are an economical and effective way to assist directorates and branches within civilian Human Resources community and to assist Human Resources careerist in enhancing their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the various Human Resources functional areas (i.e. labor relations, employee relations, staffing, training & development, classification, employee benefits, etc). Developmental assignments will vary in length but are usually three (3) to six (6) months in length.
Competitive Selection Procedures

These developmental assignment opportunities are announced separately as they occur throughout the year. The vacancy announcements will be advertised throughout CP-10 community to give all civilian personnel employees the opportunity to compete for the developmental assignments. The Functional Chief's Representative (FCR) for CP 10 goal is to use cross-functional developmental assignments for providing the employee with multifunctional capabilities.

When applying for developmental assignments, the only requirement is that your application includes the information described below. Selection will be based on the applicant's experience and how he or she intends to use the knowledge gained from the assignment in future assignments. Your application must include ALL of the following to be accepted:

  • Resume that lists your work experience. It would be beneficial to address specific related accomplishments
  • Describe your background to include discussion of your experience
  • Address how you will use the experience of this assignment in your continued employment
  • Endorsement from an individual in the candidate's management chain who can address the expected transfer of knowledge and how they will use the new knowledge upon completion of the developmental assignment. Additionally, include any information that may be beneficial in considering the candidate for the developmental assignment

    Note: You must provide the name, title and contact information of the supervisor providing the endorsement. Please use the Utilization Plan Form
  • A copy of the candidate's latest performance appraisal
  • Optional: If you have a writing sample, please include it with your application.
  • Email your application to: Put in subject heading: Application for position being filled Relations Developmental Assignment (Announcement No.). Make sure to attach all required documents.

The CP-10 careerist is competitively evaluated by the supervisor, Activity Career Program Manager, CHRA and then by Headquarters' staff who will provide recommendations to the FCR. The FCR has final selecting authority. Grade Level GS-11 equivalent and above may apply for any of the CP-10 programs although some developmental assignments may require a higher grade.

Other Requirements Selected participants are required to sign a Continued Service Agreement, and may be required to sign a Mobility Agreement when participating in a developmental assignment.
Civilian Education System (CES)

The Civilian Education System (CES) is the foundation of the Army's leader development program for all Army Civilians, providing progressive and sequential education courses throughout their careers. CES is centrally funded by HQDA G-37/Training Directorate for most permanent Army Civilians, including but not limited to general schedule (GS), non-appropriated fund (NAF), local national (LN) and wage grade (WG) employees. CES leadership courses, or designated equivalent courses, are required for all Army Civilians. Employees should include attendance at the CES course for which they are eligible in their Individual Development Plans (IDP).

Employees are eligible to attend the CES course that is targeted at their grade level. GS-01 through GS-09 employees are eligible to attend the CES Basic Course; GS-10 through GS-12 employees are eligible to attend the CES Intermediate Course; and GS-13 through GS-15 employees are eligible to attend the CES Advanced Course. NOTE: All Army Civilians who were hired after 30 September 2006 are required to take the Foundation Course prior to enrolling in either of the CES courses.

More information on CES courses, as well as instructions on how to enroll can be found on the Civilian Training and Leader Development website at

More Information
  • Academic Degree Training (ADT) Checklist - Employees requesting DA ACTEDS funds to obtain an academic degree (training or education with the stated objective of getting an academic degree) must provide the information found in the "ADT Checklist" below. He/She must also complete and submit all documents identified in the Course Checklist below.
  • Career Program ACTEDS Plans - Employees requesting ACTEDS funds for training-with-industry programs, developmental assignments, short-term training opportunities (120 days for less) and non-academic degree programs must provide the information found in the "Course Checklist" below.
  • Course Checklist - Information about career management training, education, and development is provided in the individual ACTEDS plans. Individual plans may be found using the ACTEDS link below.
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