The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Army War College (AWC) (Resident)

Modern DCPDS Course Code 12AWC
Length of Program 10 months
Location Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania.
The Web site is at
Degree Awarded Master of Strategic Studies

Funding See Funding under Administrative Procedures: Post Selection in Chapter 2.

Suspense Dates
Dates of Program

Susp. to HQDA *
HQDA Board Dates

Program Dates

AWC 28 Jun 2013 30 Jul - 02 Aug 2014 July/Aug 2014 - Jun 2015

* Applicants must check with their servicing Human Resources Office and comply with local, intermediate and Command-equivalent suspense dates

Eligibility Requirements

DA civilian employees at GS-14/15, or equivalent grade levels who have career status and are serving in permanent competitive appointments; Schedule A, Excepted appointments without time limitation; or are serving under an Excepted Service appointment in the Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System (Title 10 USC 1590); and have a minimum of three years of consecutive service under one or more permanent appointments.
See Chapter 2 Eligibility Requirements for complete list.

Purpose To prepare selected military, civilian, and international leaders to assume strategic responsibilities in military and national security organizations.

Description Participants who attend the Army War College (AWC) study the role of land power, as part of a joint or combined force, in support of the U.S. national military strategy. The AWC produces graduates who are able to perform in a strategic national security environment. The curriculum focuses more on process than on product. Teaching methods emphasize theory, concepts, systems, and the impact on the national security decision-making process. The teaching process brings the curriculum alive by blending vignettes and historical examples with current events to help participants understand the demands of leadership at the strategic level. Class activities emphasize U.S. national military strategy and its linkages with geopolitical factors of national security strategy. Instruction is conducted at the graduate level using rigorous active and experimental learning techniques, wherein learning occurs by doing or participating rather than by just hearing or seeing. The faculty seeks to stimulate creative and critical thinking, thereby enhancing each participant's ability to think and communicate conceptually. Joint awareness and perspective underlie the AWC philosophy, exemplified by the mix of participants in each seminar.

Application Process

Follow the guidelines listed here and in Chapter 2 of the ACTEDS catalog.

Applicants: The new Senior Enterprise Talent Management System (SETMS) will be used for all eligible Army Civilians to apply for academic year 2013 (AY13) Senior Service Colleges (SSC). Completed nominations in SETMS will generate an email to the first-line supervisor and general/flag officer or SES for nomination endorsement. Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, Direct Reporting Units and/or separate organizations will be able to access their applications and conduct their boards using SETMS. Functional reviews conducted by the Army career programs will be automated in SETMS as well. The window of opportunity to submit applications will vary based upon internal command suspense. Please check with your Command civilian training POC for your suspense date. The HQDA suspense to all commands is 29 June 2012. To access the SETM system, please log into:

The "Command endorsement" Memo will be submitted in the SETMS as part of the Command Board Process. The command forwards those best qualified candidates to SAMR-SES, CSLDD. It must:

  • Include an order-of-merit list (OML) of nominees within the body of the endorsement or as an enclosure.
  • If the Command/equivalent organization has only one nominee, the endorsement must include a statement that the nominee is "one of one."
  • Include the name, email address and telephone number of the Command/equivalent POC.

The Command will determine what method(s) are appropriate to generate an OML. Submit nomination packages of best qualified candidates to HQDA via command endorsement in SETMS. Command endorsement must be completed in SETMS in time to reach SAMR-SES, CSLDD by the suspense date.

Selection and Notification

A Senior Enterprise Talent Management Board will be convened to select the best qualified candidates from among those nominated.

The board will make selection recommendations based upon its assessment of the potential and qualifications of each nominee for continued outstanding service to the Army; the level and degree to which the nominee possesses the knowledge and abilities required of the program; the appropriateness of the training to the nominee's occupation; the nominee's career aspirations, goals and suitability for attendance; and the overall benefit to the nominee and the Army as reflected in the official record before the board. The board will be provided all documents that are submitted IAW the Non-NDU Checklist with the exception of the Race and National Origin Form.

ASA (M&RA) announces the tentative (before AWC has accepted the students) and final (post-AWC decisions) results of the Senior Enterprise Talent Management Board to Command Human Resource Directors (HRD). Command HRDs will notify applicants, their supervisors and commanders of their status. Principal selectees will receive a welcome packet directly from AWC.

Civilian Training Student Account (CTSA)

Candidates selected to attend the Army War College (AWC) and the Dwight D. Eisenhower School for National Security and Resource Strategy (formerly ICAF) residency program will be reassigned from their current organization to a long-term training authorization on G-3/5/7 Table of Distribution and Allowances (TDA). Students will attend SSC in a TDY status from their current duty location. G-37/TRV will fund salary and benefits for CTSA members while in a training status. EXCEPTION: OCONUS candidates will PCS to the training site (Note: Selectees whose families will be negatively impacted by the current Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) will NOT be reassigned to the G-3/5/7 TDA, but remain assigned to their current organization
--- Backfill reimbursement can be provided to organization's for the period participant is not assigned to the CTSA). Point of Contact: Michelle White, (703) 545-4313.

Declination Procedures IAW AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development, a selectee who declines a quota will be removed from any future consideration for PME. The SAMR-SES, CSLDD POC will be notified telephonically if a declination is necessary so that an alternate can be elevated to the vacant slot, if possible. The declination must be followed up in writing by memorandum through chain-of-command to the address provided above, with copy furnished to G357/ The telephone numbers are 703-695-4834 (DSN 225) or 703-692-3318 (DSN 222).