The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Introduction to the Civilian Education System (CES), and
Civilian Human Resources Training Application System (CHRTAS)

There have been many changes in the last year. The Army is in a period of transition, and transformation.

Transformation of the Army begins with educating the Army's leaders. The Civilian Education System (CES) is a progressive and sequential leader development program that provides enhanced leader development and education opportunities for Army civilians throughout their careers. Army civilians will become multi-skilled leaders of the 21st Century who personify the warrior ethos in all aspects, from war-fighting support to statesmanship, to business management. CES provides the Army Civilian Corps self-development and institutional training (leader development) opportunities to develop leadership attributes through distance learning (dL) and resident training.

The CES leader development program includes five courses that replace the previous inventory of legacy courses offered for Army Civilians-Foundation Course (FC), Basic Course (BC), Intermediate Course (IC), Advanced Course (AC) and Continuing Education for Senior Leaders (CESL). In addition, CES also includes the Action Officer Development Course (AODC), Supervisory Development Course (SDC), Manager Development Course (MDC), and Senior Service College (SSC).

The Civilian Human Resources Training Application System (CHRTAS) is the on-line method for submitting your CES application. CHRTAS is an automated management system that allows you to develop and record your completed training, apply for Civilian Human Resource and NSPS courses, and CES courses. Your CES leader development experience starts at Begin by preparing/updating your profile, which contains critical information we need to know about you. Once this is complete, you can begin to search for courses and apply for training.

Additional information on CES and available courses may be found on the Army Management Staff College (AMSC) web site at

Action Officer Development Course (AODC)
Supervisor Development Course (SDC)
Foundation Course (FC)
Basic Course (BC)
Intermediate Course (IC)
Manager Development Course (MDC)
Advanced Course (AC)
Continuing Education for Senior Leaders (CESL)