The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Action Officer Development Course (AODC)

Course Number ACCP 131 P00
Mode Distance Learning CD & Web
Location Reimer Digital Library Portal at
Eligibility Requirements Available to all Army employees as a self-development Tool. AODC is a required course for all Army interns and completion is required before completion of the intern program.
Purpose Provide action officer procedures to a staff member with subject matter expertise who works actions on behalf of senior staff officers or commanders. The term "action officer" does not refer to a duty position. This course describes "staff work" as it is generally practiced Army-wide.
Description The AODC covers organization and management; conducting completed staff work; managing time and priorities; conducting meetings and interviews; solving problems and making decisions; communications; writing to the Army standard; coordinating; conducting briefings; and ethics.
Applicant Eligibility

AODC is available to all Army employees as a self-development tool.

Army Non-appropriated Fund (NAF), Wage Grade (WG), Local National (LN)

It is a required course for all Army interns before completion of the intern program.

Registration Process

To register, go to Instructions are below.

Click [Access My Courses] and log in using your AKO userid and password or Common Access Card (CAC). Once you successfully log in, the screen defaults to your active enrollments list (if any).

Click on the [Course List] tab to view available courses. You will see within the list:

  • 131 P00 Action Officer Development Course (AODC)
  • 131 F31 Manager Development Course (MDC)

Click the [e] in front of the appropriate course to enroll. Complete any missing information in the required form fields and click on [Request Enrollment] at the top left of the page. You will receive a pop-up window indicating submission status. Click [OK] to close.

You will receive an automated response message from the distributed learning manager at the Army Training Support Center to the email address provided confirming your official enrollment and providing course login instructions

Further information is available via the Army Civilian Training and Leader Development Site at: