The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Continuing Education For Senior Leaders (CESL) Distributed Learning (DL) and Resident

Course Number ATRRS (1-250-C63 phase 2)
Mode Classroom
Location Civilian Human Resource Training Application System
Resident course located at Army Management Staff College - East, Fort Belvoir, VA
Eligibility Requirements Designed for Army civilian employees permanent appointment GS-14/15 or equivalent for Army Non-appropriated Fund (NAF), Wage Grade (WG), Local National (LN); active duty military at the rank of COL, LTC, CW5, CW4, CSM, or SGM and other DoD leaders. Applicants must have completed the AC or granted AC course credit. One year is required between each CESL attendance.
Admission Priorities

Priority 1 - Army civilians in permanent appointment GS-14/15 or comparable pay band. Active duty military at the rank of COL, LTC, CW5, CW4, CSM, SGM.

Priority 2 - DoD civilians in permanent appoint GS-14/15 or comparable pay band.

Purpose Designed to be a continuing education sustainment program to bring senior leaders together to discuss current and relevant issues facing the Army. The intent is for leaders to return to the program continuously every three or more years to refresh and update on current Army initiatives.
Description The CESL is conducted through blended learning - precourse work and a 4.5 day resident course. The resident course consists of both small and large group activities. The course structure is a combination of guest speakers and interactive exercises on subjects like National Security Personnel Challenges, Strategic Thinking, Knowledge Management, and Cultural Well Being. Panels consisting of commanders and NCOs who recently returned from theater provide a personal perspective on events in Iraq and Afghanistan. Updates on Army initiatives are also included in the program.
Application Process Self-registration process through the Civilian Human Resource Training Application System web-site
AKO logon and password or Common Access Card (CAC) required to enroll.
Enrollment Process
  1. Applicants are screened for eligibility based on policy eligibility, admission priorities and prerequisites.
  2. Quotas are assigned to Army organizations based on the population of civilian employees identified as requiring the course.
Funding Most permanent Army civilians to include Local National employees are centrally funded. Military members; term and temporary employees; and non-Department of the Army employees, for example, are funded through their own organizations.