The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Foundation Course (FC)

Course Number ATRRS (1-250-C59 (DL))
Mode Distributed Learning Web
Location Civilian Human Resource Training Application System
Eligibility Requirements Required course for all Army Civilians hired after 30 September 2006. Employees with a break in service, and previous service date is before 30 September 2006, are required to take FC. Interns are required to complete the FC before completion of the intern program. The FC is available to other members of the Army Civilian Corps for self-development.
Purpose Provides employees with an understanding of the structure of the U.S. Army, the Army's leadership doctrine, and the personnel system for Department of Army civilians.
Description The FC course objectives are to understand U.S. Army leadership doctrine; increase self-awareness, as it relates to their profession; understand team building, group dynamics, and effective communication; assess individual values and how they relate to professional ethics; understand how to manage professional advancement and leverage career potential; and complete administrative requirements expected of DA civilians.
Application Process Self-registration process through the Civilian Human Resource Training Application System web-site
AKO logon and password or Common Access Card (CAC) required to enroll.
Funding No cost to participants