The ACTEDS Training Catalog

Appendix B - List of Acronyms

AAC Army Acquisition Corps
AART Advanced Acquisition Reform Training
ACA American Counseling Association
ACAP Army Career and Alumini Association
ACCES Army Civilian Career Evaluation System
ACCMO Ammunition Civilian Career Management Office
ACE American Council On Education
ACFP Army Congressional Fellowship Program
ACFSC Army Community And Family Support Center
ACP Army Comptrollership Program
ACPM Activity Career Program Manager
ACTEDS Army Civilian Training, Education, And Development System
ADT Academic Degree Training
AFIT Air Force Institute Of Technology
AIPD Army Institute For Professional Development
AirWC Air War College
ALMC Army Logistics Management College
AMC Us Army Materiel Command
AMCP Ammunition Management Career Program
AMSC Army Management Staff College
AODC Action Officer Development Course
AR Army Regulation
ASA(M&RA) Assistant Secretary Of The Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs)
ATAP Army Tuition Assistance Program
ATRRS Army Training Requirements And Resources System
ATTN Attention
AWC Army War College
AWC-DE Army War College-Distance Education
BART Basic Acquisition Reform Training
BSI Bachelor Of Science In Intelligence
CAL Center For Army Leadership
CDLAMP Center for Defense Leadership And Management Program
CEO Career Enhancement Opportunity
CES (Army) Civilian Education System
CFR Code Of Federal Regulations
CHRA Civilian Human Resource Agency
CHRTAS Civilian Human Resource Training Application System
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIPMS Civilian Intelligence Personnel Management System
CLDAP Civilian Leader Development Action Plan
CLTD Civilian Leadership Training Division
COMSCI Commerce Science & Technology Fellowship Program
CONUS Continental United States
CP Career Program
CPAC Civilian Personnel Advisory Center
CPD Competitive Professional Development
CPM Career Program Manager
CPO Civilian Personnel Office
CPOC Civilian Personnel Operations Center
CPOCMA Civilian Personnel Operations Centers Management Agency
CPOL Civilian Personnel Online
DA Department Of The Army
DAC Defense Ammunition Center
DAR Defense Acquisition Regulation
DAU Defense Acquisition University
DCPDS Defense Civilian Personnel Data System
DED Department Of Education
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAMP Defense Leadership And Management Program
DOD Department Of Defense
ECQ Executive Core Qualifications
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EHASP Engineering And Housing Advanced Studies Program
ELC Executive Leadership Course
EMPEP Energy Management Professional Enhancement Program
EVAL Evaluation
EXFOR Experimental Force
FAD Funding Authorization Document
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FCR Functional Chief Representative
FEI Federal Executive Institute
FORSCOM Forces Command
FY Fiscal Year
GAP Graduate Assistance Program
GCAP Graduate Cost Analysis Program
GLLEAF Graduate Level Logistics Education Assistance Fund
GMAT Graduate Management Admissions Test
GPP Graduate Placement Program
GRE Graduate Record Examination
HHG Household Goods
HQDA Headquarters, Department Of The Army
HR Human Resources
IAW In Accordance With
IC Intelligence Community
ICAF Industrial College Of The Armed Forces
ICAP Intelligence Community Assignment Program
ICO Intelligence Community Officer
IDP Individual Development Plan
ILDC Intern Leadership Development Course
ITM Information Technology Management
IRA Independent Reporting Activity
IRMC Information Resource Management College
JCS Joint Chief Of Staff
JMIC Joint Military Intelligence College
JTR Joint Travel Regulation
LAN Local Area Network
LEAD Leadership Education And Development
LEAD TTT Leadership Education And Development Train-The-Trainer
LEAF Logistics Education Assistance Fund
LEDC Logistics Executive Development Course
LEDC-FIT Logistics Executive Development Course - Florida Institute Of Technology
LOGPRO Logistics Management Proponency Office
LTT Long-Term Training
MACOM Major Army Command
MBTI Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
MDC Manager Development Course
MEL Military Education Level
MDMPEP Materiel & Distribution Management Professional Enhancement Program
MEI Management Excellence Inventory
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
MMC Materiel Management Center
MMPEP Maintenance Management Professional Enhancement Program
MOU Memorandum Of Understanding
MPA Master Of Public Administration
MPM Military Personnel Management
MSSI Master Of Science Of Strategic Intelligence
NAF Nonappropriated Fund
NavalWC Naval War College
NDU National Defense University
NOAC Nature Of Action Code
NR Non-Resident
NSMC National Security Management Course
NWC National War College
OASA(FM&C) Office Of The Assistant Secretary Of The Army (Financial Management & Comptroller)
OASA(M&RA) Office Of The Assistant Secretary Of The Army (Manpower & Reserve Affairs)
OCONUS Outside The Continental United States
ODCSLOG Office Of The Deputy Chief Of Staff For Logistics
OLE Organizational Leadership For Executives
OPM Office Of Personnel Management
OSD Office Of The Secretary Of Defense
PCS Permanent Change Of Station
PERSCOM US Total Army Personnel Command
PMCC Professional Military Comptroller Course
PME  I - Personnel Management For Executives
II - Professional Military Education
POC Point Of Contact
POM Program Objective Memorandum
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
PRMC Professional Resource Management Course
QASAS Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)
RASS Resource Allocation Selection System
RIF Reduction In Force
RTD Return To Duty
SARSF Secretary Of The Army Research And Study Fellowship
SBI Special Background Investigation
SBLM Sustaining Base Leadership And Management
SCI Special Compartmentalized Information
SDC Supervisor Development Course
SEF Senior Executive Fellows
SELC Senior Executive Leadership Course
SES Senior Executive Service
SIP Senior Intelligence Professional
SME Subject Matter Expert
SSC Senior Service College
STT Short-Term Training
TAPES Total Army Performance Evaluation System
TDA Table Of Distribution And Allowance
TDY Temporary Duty
TMPEP Transportation Management Professional Enhancement Program
TRADOC US Army Training And Doctrine Command
TTT Train-The-Trainer
TWI Training-With-Industry
TWS Training With The Soldier
USAMS Universal Site Artifact Management System
USAREUR US Army Europe And 7th Army
USARPAC US Army Pacific
USTRANSCOM US Transportation Command