Select Your Career Program/Field and Code from this list

CP10 Civilian Human Resource Management
CP11 Comptroller
CP12 Safety and Occupational Health Management
CP13 Supply Management
CP14 Contracting & Acquisition
CP15 Quality and Reliability Assurance
CP16 Engineers & Scientists (Non-Construction)
CP17 Materiel Maintenance Management
CP18 Engineers & Scientists (Resources and Construction)
CP19 Physical Security & Law Enforcement
CP20 Quality Assurance Specialist (Ammunition Surveillance)
CP22 Public Affairs & Communications Media
CP24 Transportation
CP26 Manpower & Force Management
CP27 Housing Management
CP28 Equal Employment Opportunity
CF29 Installation Management
CP31 Education Services
CP32 Training
CP33 Ammunition Management
CP34 Information Technology Management
CP35 Intelligence
CP36 Modeling and Simulation (M&S)
CP50 Military Personnel Management
CF51 Morale, Welfare, & Recreation
CF52 Chaplain
CF53 Medical
CF55 General Inspection, investigation, & Compliance
CF56 Law
CF57 Administrative & Office Support
CF58 Real Estate
CF60 Foreign Affairs
CF61 History
CF62 Troop Support
CF63 Mortuary Affairs
CF64 Aviation
CF70 Eyeglass Making & Medical Equipment Repair
CF71 Laboratory Work
CF72 Rubber, Plastic, & Glass Work
CF74 Transportation Facilitating
CF77 Facilities Operations & Maintenance
CF78 Troop Support (Wage Grade)
CF79 Instrumentation/Optical Working
CF80 Machine Tool Work
CF81 Metal Processing and Working
CF82 General Equipment Maintenance & Fabrication
CF83 Chemical Plant & Gas/Radiation
CF86 Disposal Management
CF87 Insect & Animal Work
CF88 Equipment Operating
CF89 Security Equipment Operating
CF90 Ammunition/Explosive & Firepower Work
CF91 Warehousing Stock Handling, Packing & Packaging
CF92 Tank Driving
CF93 Aircraft Maintenance