In 2005, a congressionally mandated, independent panel review of Military Department legal services recommended, in part, that all legal elements in the Department of Defense ensure that they have a long-term robust program for civilian attorney professional development. In response, the Army legal community has developed a civilian attorney career management program that will be subsequently expanded to incorporate all legal career program (CP 56) members.

This ACTEDS plan provides the information and guidance necessary to promote systematic training and development of career Army civilian attorneys from initial entry to senior technical and managerial and executive levels. The plan is functionally tailored to the legal career field, is systematic and progressive, and it combines formal training with developmental assignments.

The plan aligns with the Army's goal of an Enterprise Level Human Capital Lifecycle Management System that recruits, trains, educates, develops, promotes and retains talent in the Army Civilian workforce.

  1. Provide attorneys and their supervisors with a single-source reference to assist in determining appropriate training and development both to enhance on-the-job performance and to prepare the attorney for progressively more responsible positions.
  2. Implement the Army Legal Services Civilian Associates Program (CAP) as set forth in Annex G.
  3. Implement the civilian attorney LL.M program.
  4. Assist management in allocating resources for civilian training and development by providing guidance as to the relative importance or applicability of individual courses of instruction.
  5. Provide attorneys with information on the Department of the Army Civilian Leader Development core courses.
  6. Publicize career program philosophy and guidance on career progression, education, mobility, and other career development issues.

The CP 56 ACTEDS Plan will be updated periodically to meet the following long-term objectives:

  1. Expand the master training plans to include more information on developmental assignments, mandatory and recommended courses, and sources of training.
  2. Provide information on evolving changes in the legal career program, to include the impact on CP 56 of such initiatives as Army Transformation, Headquarters Department of Army Realignment, and force structure changes.
  3. Expand plan coverage to all series included in CP 56.

The intent of the CP 56 program is to expose civilian attorneys to ample formal education, training, professional development, and performance-enhancing job experiences so that all attorneys can grow professionally throughout their careers. Details on career development are located in the Master Training Plan, Annex E.