Letterhad for the DA-Office of the Judge Advocate General at the Pentagon
DAJA-ZA  10 February 2011

MEMORANDUM FOR Dr. Susan Duncan, Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel, Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1, 300 Army Pentagon, Washington, DC 20310-0300

SUBJECT: Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) Plan - Career Field 56 (Legal)

  1. Persuant to my AR 600-3 personal manegement responsibilities, enclosed for approval is a proposed Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System (ACTEDS) plan for attorneys in Career Field 56 (Legal). This is a critical first step as we transition to an Army Career Program.
  2. This ACTEDS plan's coverage is limited to attorneys to address immediate professional development requirements resulting from the ever-increasing complexity of legal services. To complement the attorney ACTEDS plan, development has begun on a legal paraprofessional ACTEDS plan that will cover the remaining members of the career program.
  3. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact my Director of Civilian Personnel, Ms. Diane Nugent, at (571) 256-2872.

//original signed//
Dana K. Chipman
Lieutenant General, USA
The Judge Advocate General

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