Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System Plan
CP31 - Education Services Career Plan

Table of Contents

Summary of Changes - CP 31

Section 1
Trends in Army Education Services

Section 2
Career Program Management
Functional Chief's Representative (FCR)
CP-31 Steering Committee

Section 3
Commanders of MACOMs and Independent Reporting Activities (IRAs)
MACOM Career Program Managers
Activity Commanders and Directors

Section 4
Activity Career Program Managers
Career Planning and Progression

Section 5
Supervisors' and Career Program Managers' Responsibilities
Employees' Responsibilities
Additional Resources

Section 6
Key Positions
Career Paths
Typical Career Paths for 1740's
Typical Career Paths for 1702's

Section 7
Competencies and Master Training Plan
Universal Training
Army Leader Development
Competitive Professional Development

Section 8
Training Levels for 1740's
Entry Level Training and Development
Journey-Level Training
Senior Specialist/Supervisory Training and Development
Manager Level Training and Development

Section 9
Training Levels for 1702's
Entry Level Training and Development
Journey-Level Training
Self Evaluation and Planning

Section A
Education Services Interns
Intern Recruitment and Target Grade
Intern Training and Master Intern Training Plans

Section B
Recruitment Strategies and Sources
Recruitment Strategies
Recruitment Sources

Section C
Development of the ACTEDS Plan

APPENDICES -  (require Acrobat Reader to view)   These files require Acrobat Reader

Appendix A: Typical Career Paths
Appendix B: Competencies for 1740's
Appendix C: Master Training Plan (MTP) for 1740's
Appendix D: List of Courses by Competency for 1740's
Appendix E: Course Descriptions for MTP for 1740's
Appendix F: Competencies for 1702's
Appendix G: Master Training Plan (MTP) for 1702's
Appendix H: List of Courses by Competency for 1702's
Appendix I: Course Descriptions for MTP for 1702's
Appendix J: List of Training Sources
Appendix K: Form: Request for Equivalency Credit for Mandatory Functional Training
Appendix L: Self-development Resources
Appendix M: MITP for Interns in Army Continuing Education System (ACES)
Appendix N: MITP for Interns in U. S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC)
Appendix O: Developmental Assignments/Training with Industry
Appendix P: Documentation of Revision of Education Services ACTEDS Plan

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