CF26/CP26 - Manpower and Force Management

Appendix E: CP26 Master Intern Training Plan (MITP)

This Master Intern Training Plan (MITP) describes the general requirements for training and development of CP26 interns as well as the specialized requirements in each of the Manpower and Force Management functional areas. The plan covers a 24-month period. The target grade may be a GS-9 or GS-11 upon completion of the intern program, depending on the individual's qualifications upon entering the program.

The two-year training plan is comprehensive, designed for the intern who does not possess specialized experience or education in manpower and force management. It identifies functional training, leader development training, rotational assignments and on-the-job training necessary to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to work as an analyst in any of the manpower and force management functions. It was intentionally developed this way in order to offer the maximum flexibility for custom-tailoring the plan to meet the needs of the individual intern and the employing organization. The General Orientation portion of the MITP is applicable to every intern. It provides the intern with the basic knowledge needed to function successfully in any of the specialized manpower and force management areas.

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