Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System Plan
CP-14 - Contracting and Acquisition Career Program


A. General. CP-14 Interns participating in the DA Intern program must sign geographic mobility agreements, DA Form 5227 before entering service; local interns may be required to sign a mobility agreement based on local command policy (PMI's will use DA Form 5228). In order to fully participate in the range of developmental opportunities necessary to successfully complete the intern program mobility may be required. All employees should be fully aware, however, that being mobile -- geographically, organizationally, and functionally -- enables them to take advantage of training and assignments that will enhance their competencies and competitiveness.

B. Army Acquisition Corps Members

  1. 1. Prior to accession into the AAC, individuals are required to sign a mobility agreement.
  2. 2. Mobility includes: (1) functional mobility (job change to another functional area or career field); (2) organizational mobility (job change to a different office or command level); and (3) geographic mobility (job change outside the current commuting area). Relocation may be necessary to fill CAPs and to provide for the developmental needs of acquisition specialists. To enter and remain in the AAC, every civilian member must have an ongoing commitment to relocate as necessary to meet developmental or Army needs. Both an AAC mobility agreement and registration in the RESUMIX is required.

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