Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System Plan
CP-14 - Contracting and Acquisition Career Program


A. Career Program Domains. CP-14 is a comprehensive program for managing and developing the Army's contracting business management professionals. It is the framework through which leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and professionalism of the contracting workforce. The career program consists of two interrelated domains: career management and career development. The ACTEDS Plan is the bridge between career management and career development.

B. Career Management Domain. Career management is the continuous process by which contracting personnel are hired, educated, trained, developed, and assigned to contracting positions. Career management consists of the contracting organizational framework, career program elements, strategic planning, and performance measurement. Career management provides the tools for individual career development and organizational effectiveness. The various elements of the career management domain are shown on the left side of Figure 1. The primary goal of career management is to develop employees with strong technical, professional, business, executive, and leadership skills to accomplish the Army's contracting mission now and in the future

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C. Career Development Domain. Career development focuses on the individual and his or her competency and self-development. The components of career development are depicted on the right side of Figure 1. These elements are addressed in the ACTEDS Plan and provide individual employees the tools and framework needed to develop their skills, increase their professionalism, and progress through the contracting career program.

D. Responsibility. Ultimately, each individual is responsible for his or her education, training, and development, as well as, understanding the overarching structure that supports Army contracting professionalism. Supervisors and managers at every level, however, have an inherent leadership responsibility to guide subordinates in their career development and making their personnel available for mandatory and desired training, as well as, ensuring that this ACTEDS Plan is effectively and fully implemented.

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