Army Civilian Training, Education, and Development System Plan
CP-14 - Contracting and Acquisition Career Program


A. Scope

  1. The Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) is a Department of the Army program providing Department of the Army civilian employees and supervisors with a roadmap for career development. ACTEDS is a significant component of the civilian career management process, and ACTEDS Plans are developed as supplements to AR 690-950, Civilian Personnel Career Management. The Contracting and Acquisition Career Program (CP14) ACTEDS Plan provides an orderly, systematic approach to technical, professional, management, and leadership training and development. This ACTEDS Plan supports identification of the education, training, and career enhancing experiences at various stages of an employee's career that facilitate career development.
  2. Virtually every position covered by the Contracting and Acquisition Career Program (CP-14) is an acquisition position. Therefore, most of the training, education, and experience requirements included in this plan result from the Department of Defense (DoD) directives, instructions, and manuals implementing Chapter 87 of Title 10, United States Code, the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA). As much as practical, other governing DoD and Army regulations are referenced rather than repeated in this ACTEDS Plan. The use of the references provided in conjunction with this ACTEDS Plan is essential to successful planning for career development. (See Appendix A for applicable references.) Three of those references, Department of Defense Instruction (DoDI) 5000.58, Defense Acquisition Workforce; Department of Defense manual, DoD 5000.52-M, Acquisition Career Development Program; and the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) Catalog, are companion references which should be used in conjunction with this ACTEDS Plan. DoDI 5000.58 establishes policies for qualifications applicable to certain categories of personnel in CP-14, e.g., contracting officers and acquisition corps members. DoD 5000.52-M details career path requirements in terms of education, training, and experience for personnel in acquisition position categories relevant to CP-14. The DAU Catalog provides information on training that is either mandatory or desired for Acquisition Career Field certification and other training that is assignment-specific - that is, required for certain types of positions. In addition, a glossary of acronyms and terms used throughout this ACTEDS Plan is provided at Appendix B.
  3. This ACTEDS Plan is posted on the CP-14 website at and, along with other Career Programs' ACTEDS Plans, on the Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL) Homepage (, which is maintained by the Assistant G-1 (Civilian Policy). CPOL provides a variety of source information on civilian training, education, professional development, and leader-development that is applicable to all Department of the Army Civilians. Throughout this plan, "links" to various source and reference documents or sites are provided. Internet hyperlinks are provided to source and reference documents; those hyperlinks are indicated by text in blue color throughout this online document.

B. Objectives.

  1. This ACTEDS Plan provides CP-14 personnel a guide to their career management and professional development through a progressive, sequential, and integrated process of education, training and developmental experiences. It supports an individual's professional development, advancement toward achieving career goals, self-development, and optimizing one's capability as a contracting business management professional.
  2. Contracting business management professionals of the new millennium must be recognized as professionals with broad acquisition knowledge, outstanding business and management acumen, and demonstrated expertise in developing and applying effective business solutions to accomplish the spectrum of acquisition missions. This new breed of contracting professional is mission focused, customer oriented, and forward thinking. They are innovative and proactive "doers" who overcome the limitations of stovepipe processes and think and act in terms of "mission accomplishment" and "product or service fulfillment." Contracting business managers understand their customers' missions and business processes, providing them with effective business solutions to accomplish missions and achieve goals and objectives. They are full partners in the totality of acquisition life cycle management, advising and assisting customers to effectively plan and project needs, define requirements, and develop sound acquisition strategies and advocacy approaches that support prudent decision-making. They also advise in the development of requirements documentation that will support the negotiation of best value business arrangements meeting the goals of both customer and supplier. Additionally, contracting business managers partner with suppliers to better understand their products and processes and the dynamics of their business sector and overall market. They are cognizant of current and projected economic conditions, defense requirements, and the impact of each on industry. They are knowledgeable of their suppliers' operating cycles and the key drivers of investment and internal operations decision-making, using this knowledge to manage risk and to develop and negotiate mutually beneficial business arrangements. Contracting professionals strive to continuously enhance their awareness, knowledge competencies, and capabilities through learning and experience. They use, capture, and share knowledge to the overall benefit of their organization and the Army.
  3. The following are objectives of this ACTEDS Plan:
    1. Ensure the Army has well-trained and highly skilled contracting and acquisition (CP-14) personnel empowered to carry out its mission.
    2. Provide employees with a comprehensive list of the competencies (that is, the knowledges, skills and abilities) necessary for performing major tasks within all job categories.
    3. Enable employees to plan and sequence career training and development.
    4. Provide criteria and procedures for supporting acquisition certification of CP-14 personnel.
    5. Provide education, experience, and training criteria required for appointment to and tenure in key and critical acquisition positions, and tenure requirements within CP-14.
    6. Provide employees and supervisors a comprehensive Master Training Plan (MTP).
    7. Provide guidance and information on CP-14 professionalism and continuous learning to include continuing education.
    8. Provide employees and supervisors a Master Intern Training Plan (MITP).
    9. Integrate Army leader-development and Army Acquisition Corps (AAC) selection and executive development training with the mandatory acquisition training and certification program into a comprehensive civilian development model.
    10. Identify leadership and management development activities, to include mentoring of employees.
    11. Provide a foundation for the development of contracting business management professionals.

C. Applicability. This ACTEDS Plan applies to all CP-14 personnel who are assigned to the following acquisition career fields (ACF) / acquisition position categories (APC) (See DODI 5000.58 and DoD 5000.52-M): Contracting - C, Industrial Property Management - D, Purchasing (Simplified Acquisition Specialist) - E, Manufacturing, Production and Quality Assurance - H, and to CP-14 personnel who are in a developmental, career-broadening, or an exchange program assignment. This ACTEDS Plan covers several occupational series in a variety of procurement-related functional specialties. These include the following series, listed by acquisition position category and acquisition career field as shown in Table 1 (ACF/APC - OCCUPATIONAL SERIES).

Contracting (ACF/APC-C)

All 1102 positions
(typical job titles: contract specialist, contract negotiator, contract administrator, contract termination specialist, cost / price analyst, contracting officer, procurement analyst, small and disadvantaged business utilization specialist)

All 1101 positions in contracting organizations
(typical job title: procurement research analyst)

Other Occupational Series, e.g., 0301, engaged in Contracting and Acquisition, i.e., assigned to APCs C, D, H, V, or X (V or X only if focus is contracting)

All 08XX occupational series, engineers, serving as ACOsare covered by the CP-18 ACTEDS Plan.

Industrial Property Management (ACF/APC-D)

All 1103 positions
(typical job titles: industrial property management specialist, property administrator, plant clearance officer) All 1150 positions performing industrial and/or contract property management responsibilities (typical job title: industrial specialist)

Purchasing Agent (Simplified Acquisition Specialist - TBD) (ACF/APC-E)

All 1105 positions in contracting organizations
(typical job title: purchasing agent or Simplified Acquisition Specialist))

Manufacturing, Production, and Quality Assurance (ACF/APC-H) All 1150 positions in Industrial Base Organizations
(typical job title: industrial specialist, industrial base advocate, industry analyst, production manager, pre-award monitor, industry relations specialist)

D. Terms of Reference. The simultaneous application of both DoD and Army regulations impacting on the CP-14 community often produces ambiguous terminology. An example of this is the term "career field." Within the Army, a career field is "A grouping of functionally related commissioned officer, warrant officer, civilian and enlisted positions under a single agent for life cycle personnel management purposes" (AR 600-3). The DoD regulations that implement DAWIA define "career field" as one or more occupations that require similar knowledge and skill. For the purposes of this ACTEDS Plan, the term "career field" is used within the Army context. If the intention is to convey DoD related requirements or conventions, the expression "Acquisition Career Field" or "ACF" is used.

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