CP11 - Comptroller Civilian Career Program


Comptroller Proponency Office Contact Information

Foreword by the Assistant Secretary of the Army
     for (Financial Management and Comptroller)   Requires Acrobat Reader

Section I - Introduction
 A. General
 B. Background
 C. Comptroller Civilian Career Program Overview
 D. Comptroller Civilian Career Program Management Structure
 E. Mobility
 F. Career Evaluation and Planning
 G. Army Acquisition Workforce (AAW) - Army Acquisition Corps (AAC)
 H. Professional Development of Comptroller Personnel

Section II - Objectives
 A. General
 B. CP 11 Career Development Model

Section III - Career Ladder
 A. General
 B. CP 11 Generic Career Ladder

Section IV -Key Positions
 A. General
 B. Key SES Positions in CP 11
 C. Other Key Positions

Section V -Multi-Disciplined Financial Analyst 12 pgs  Requires Acrobat Reader
 A. General
 B. Core Competencies
 C. Career Path Components
 1. Formal Education
 2. Training
 3. Professional Development
 4. Experience
 5. Accreditation
 D. The 3-Year Individual Development Plan (3yIDP)
 E. Accreditation Requirements
 F. Multi-Disciplined Financial Analyst Career
 Developmental and Accreditation Model
 G. Accreditation Level Determination Procedures

ANNEX A    Competencies
 A-1 Multi-Disciplined Financial Analystspacer
spacer Sequenced by core competencies
spacer Sequenced numerically
 A-2 Accounting - Operating/Staff Accounting
 A-3 Accounting - Systems Accounting
 A-4 Auditing
 A-5 Cost Analysis
 A-6 Supervisory Knowledge
 A-7 Senior Executive Service Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs)spacer
 A-8 Competencies and Executive Core Qualifications CrosswalkspacerRequires Acrobat Reader

ANNEX B Master Training Plans 65 pgs spacerRequires Acrobat Readerspacer
 1. General
 2. Leadership, Management and Supervisory Courses
 3. Comptroller Competitive Training
 4. Army-Wide Competitive Training - Long Term
 5. Army-Wide Competitive Training - Short Term
 6. Senior Executive Service Courses
 7. Functional Training Plans
 a. Multi-Disciplined Financial Analyst
 b. Accounting
 c. Auditing
 d. Cost Analysis
 e. Senior Executive Service
 f. Acquisition Workforce -Business, Cost Estimating
 and Financial Management (Category "Kquot;)

ANNEX C Master Intern Training Plan (MITP) Plans
 1. General
 2. Structure of the MITP
 3. Career Ladders
 4. Functional MITPs
 5. Performance Standards and Evaluations
 6. Role of the Players in the Intern Program
 7. Rotational Assignments
 8. Sequencing of Rotational Assignments
 and Formal Training Courses
 9. Professional Associations
spacer 10. Master Intern Training PlanspacerRequires Acrobat Reader

ANNEX D Presidential Management Intern (PMI) Training Plan
 1. Program Overview
 2. Selecting PMI's
 3. Career Development
 4. Planning the Internship
 5. Individual Development Plans
 6. Performance Standards and Evaluations
 7. Assignments
 8. Rotations
 9. Career Development Group (CDG)
 10. PMI Program Activities
 11. Training Conferences
 12. Expenses
 13. Roles of Players in the PMI Program
 14. Beyond the Internship
 15. Presidential Management Intern Training Plan   Requires Acrobat Reader

ANNEX E Course Descriptions - Resident 69 pgsspacerRequires Acrobat Reader

ANNEX F Course Descriptions - Non-Resident, Correspondence and Online spacerRequires Acrobat Reader
 1. Description of Non-Resident Courses
 2. Description of Correspondence and Online Courses
spacer sponsored by USDA Graduate School

ANNEX G Training and Developmental Experiences
 1. Policy
 2. Developmental Activities
 3. Performance Enhancing Job Experiences
 4. Formal Training Activities

ANNEX H Mentoring and Coaching
 1. Mentoring and Coaching
 2. Resource Management Mentorship Program (RMMP)

Annex I Career Planning
 1. Introduction
 2. The 3-Year Individual Development Plan (3yIDP)
 3. The Benefits of Career Planning
 4. Roles and Responsibilities for Career Planning
 5. Knowledge of Work Environment
 6. Knowledge of Self
 7. Integration of Knowledge of Self and Work Environment
 8. Goal Development
 9. Method for Taking Action

Annex J Professional Organizations, Certification and
Continuing Professional Education
 1. Professional Organizations
 2. Certification
 3. Overview of Professional Organizations and Associations

Annex K Glossary of Terms

Annex L References

Annex M Acronym Listing

Annex N Forms
 1. 3-Year Individual Development Plan (3yIDP)
 2. CP 11 Accreditation Program Evaluation Form (AEF)
 3. Supervisor's Accreditation Evaluation Worksheet
 4. Intern Rotational Assignment Worksheet
 5. Intern Evaluation of Rotational Assignment
 6. Rotational Assignment Supervisor Evaluation

ACTEDS CP 11 Comments

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