CP11 - Comptroller Civilian Career Program

Section III: Career Ladder

A. General

Just as in the past, there is no rigidly defined system by which an individual progresses from the entry level, through specialist or intermediate levels, to managerial or executive positions. To a great extent, individual progression depends on demonstrated performance, potential, and both functional and geographical mobility. Additional factors may include availability of formal training programs and supervisory willingness to select and train careerists in developmental assignments.

B. CP 11 Generic Career Ladder

 1. A generic CP 11 career ladder is provided at Figure 5. It is applicable to any of the multi-disciplined and specialized series within CP 11. It reflects the general types of positions, from which a careerist may progress from the intern level, including Presidential Management Intern (PMI), to Senior Executive Service (SES). In Figure 5, the terms "analyst" and "team leader" are intended to represent positions at stated grade levels in all Comptroller career field specialties-i.e., to include positions at the same grades and levels of responsibility which use other designations, such as audit manager, and budget officer. The intent is to allow for movement between functions and command levels at all grades.

 2. Additional terminology used in Figure 5 includes: Major Army Command (MACOM); Major Subordinate Command (MSC); Field Operating Agency (FOA); Director of Resource Management (DRM); Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management (DCSRM); Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Resource Management (ADCSRM); Deputy Director of Resource Management (DDRM); and the Resource Management Officer (RMO).

 3. The generic CP 11 career ladder has been provided to depict the wide variety of potential career progression patterns. The ladder shows the diversity of specialties within CP 11 at various organizational levels. It is important and, in some cases, essential, to move between specialties within CP 11 career program to enhance opportunities for higher career progression.

 4. The Multi-Disciplined Financial Analyst Initiative and the Comptroller Accreditation Program will enable careerists to pursue opportunities across multiple technical financial disciplines. Careerists, who possess knowledge and experience in the Manpower and Force Management field and wish to become Resource Managers, can achieve this objective through the Multi-Disciplined Financial Analyst Initiative and Accreditation Program. Figure 5 illustrates positions associated with grades that would support career progression within an organizational level.

CP 11 Generic Career Ladder
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