CP11 - Comptroller Civilian Career Program


  • SU-01 Knowledge of the federal position management and classification system (e.g., job descriptions, position classification standards, position review.)
  • SU-02 Knowledge of federal merit promotion/internal placement procedures. Includes vacancy announcements, reinstatement eligibles and the effects of special placement programs (for example, priority placement, military spouse preference, handicap program) on these procedures.
  • SU-03 Knowledge of employee development. Includes performance appraisal, performance and career counseling, Individual Development Plan (IDP) development, performance feedback, and development of performance standards; training and development (e.g., developmental opportunities and assignments, short and long term training).
  • SU-04 Knowledge of supervisory responsibilities in Federal Equal Employment Opportunity (e.g., affirmative action requirements, avoidance of disparate treatment, prohibited personnel practices EEOC, OPM, and appropriate regulations).
  • SU-05 Knowledge of Army civilian career program management requirements and procedures to include the Army Civilian Career Evaluation System (ACCES) (e.g., registration, requests for referral, career appraisal) and the intern program (e.g., space allocation, program of instruction, permanent duty location).
  • SU-06 Knowledge of management-employee relations (e.g., Federal absence and leave regulations, adverse action procedures, grievance and appeal procedures, disciplinary procedures, awards, and labor/union relations; Standards of Conduct, and applicability of other procedures (e.g., EEO, classification, Inspector General, and Office of Special Counsel.
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