CP11 - Comptroller Civilian Career Program


  • AS-01 Knowledge of automatic data processing concepts (e.g., mainframe, minicomputer, and microcomputer hardware, operating systems, and software capabilities) and computer application environments (e.g., interactive on-line update, batch interactive, non real-time (batch) updates).
  • AS-02 Knowledge of diagnostic analysis techniques to troubleshoot and debug system deficiencies (e.g., PERT charts, flow charts, data flow diagrams, data models, process models).
  • AS-03 Knowledge of at least one system programming language (e.g., any 4th generation language, COBOL, ADA, BASIC, or PASCAL).
  • AS-04 Knowledge of logical and physical data structures (e.g., database management systems concepts, relational network, hierarchical databases).
  • AS-05 Knowledge of data administration concepts (e.g., data dictionary and encyclopedia applications, and the use of data element and data value standardization and integration within and across systems).
  • AS-06 Knowledge of data analysis (e.g., data entities, logical keys, entity relations, cardinality, normalization, and elimination of data redundancies) and data modeling (e.g., of logical data structures).
  • AS-07 Knowledge of the configuration management policies and procedures (e.g., Configuration Control Board, Engineering Change Proposal - Software, Software Change Package, Software Qualification Test, Software Acceptance Test) and development of system test plans and evaluation criteria (e.g., modeling, simulation techniques and tools, and test evaluation).
  • AS-08 Knowledge of systems/structured analysis principles and design techniques (e.g., creation and use of data flow diagrams).
  • AS-09 Knowledge of planning, funding, and procurement processes for system software and hardware development and deployment.
  • AS-10 Knowledge of basic communications (e.g., modems, emulation protocols, file transfer procedures) hardware and software required to interconnect microcomputer, minicomputer, and mainframe processes (e.g., installation Local Area Networks (LANs), departmental LANs, installation support modules, departmental DPI, ASIMS interconnectivity).
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