Observations and Recommendations

Applicants and nominating officials should emphasize the demonstrated leadership performance or potential of the candidate. Applicant files that presented their relational, strategic, problem solving, and leadership abilities were the strongest. Applicant files that were not results-oriented were the weakest.

There was a striking under-representation of highly qualified technical engineer and scientific applicants. Likewise, there was an over-representation of applicants in some of the support fields. This imbalance in skills in tomorrow's leaders could significantly impact the Army's ability to effect transformation.

The board believes the success of DLAMP is dependent upon senior Army leadership involvement. Senior leaders at all levels need to embrace this developmental opportunity for civilians, identify the high performers, and champion their further development. Senior level involvement will greatly improve the number and quality of candidates and guarantee a rich talent pool for Army's future leaders. Since successful completion of senior service college (SSC) is a requirement for DLAMP participants who have not already attended, senior leaders must also consider nominating individuals for DLAMP who are of the caliber who will excel in the SSC environment, as well as in challenging post-training assignments (civilian graduates of SSC must be placed in new assignments that will utilize their education IAW VCSA directed placement policy dated 5 June 2003, http://cpol.army.mil/library/train/tld-060503.html.

Consistency and attention to detail in preparation of the application package are absolutely essential at each level through which the package passes, from applicant, to supervisor, to middle-management review, to MACOM/equivalent level, e.g., 1) all items on the Applicant Information Sheet must be completed, 2) resume must reflect the current position title, pay plan, series and grade, and must agree with what is reflected on the Applicant Information Sheet, and must account for all periods of employment moving backwards from the present; 3) the supervisor named on the Applicant Information Sheet must be the same individual who prepares the supervisory evaluation (memorandum) of the applicant's qualifications for DLAMP and senior leadership and management positions; 4) MACOM/equivalent organizations must forward to HQDA only the documents required by the DLAMP Checklist, e.g., if the MACOM/equivalent organization requires intermediate endorsements from installation or major subordinate commanders, these extra documents must be removed from the packages before they are forwarded to HQDA.

Careful attention should be paid to writing the Executive Core Qualification (ECQ) statements. Following the OPM Challenge-Context-Action-Results Model is a must. Guidance and tips for writing good ECQ statements may be found at http://www.opm.gov/ses/.