letterhead for the DCOS G-3/5/7 at the Pentagon
DAMO-TR  December 29, 2006


SUBJECT: Developing Army Leaders for the 21st Century - Civilian Education System

  1. I am pleased to announce the implementation of the Civilian Education System (CES). The transformed Civilian Leader Development courses begin with a kick-off event at the Army management Staff College (AMSC), Fort Belvoir, VA on 22 January 2007. I am certain the new education system will help develop strong, adaptive, and innovative civilian leaders so critical to the Army's mission.
  2. As evidenced in this early part of the 21st century, the roles and responsibilities of our Army Civilian Corps are changing. Civilians are increasingly taking on positions of greater responsibility, accountability, and authority. They are assuming positions that have traditionally been held by Soldiers in the institutional base, while many of our civilians are deploying alongside our Soldiers in support of the operational force. The transformation requires that our civilians build competencies and capabilities required to meet new leadership challenges.
  3. I challenge the Civilian Corps, as leaders, to become a highly educated workforce and actively seek educational opportunities through self-development and formal education. As you make your career choices, CES will provide a foundation of quality education and professional development, required for your advancement and sucessful job performance.
  4. More information on the CES is available through the AMSC website at http://www.amsc.belvoir.army.mil/. My point of contact is Alice Muellerweiss, alice.muellerweiss@hqda.army.mil or 703-614-9805

//original signed//
Lieutenant General, GS
Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7