United States
Office of Personnel Management
Washington, DC 20415-0001

August 9, 2001

Mr. David L. Snyder
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)
Department of the Army
111 Army Pentagon
Washington, DC 20310-0111

Dear Mr. Snyder:

This approves your request, dated February 21, 2001 for our approval of your training agreement providing consecutive accelerated promotions for Registered Nurses positions, from GS-610-5 and 7 to GS-9, within the Department of the Army. Our approval for this training agreement expires on September 30, 2005.

Your request identifies problems in recruiting and retaining qualified employees in the covered positions that support granting this authority. We hope you will find our new student loan repayment program useful in addressing your staffing problems. You also may use recruitment and relocation bonuses and retention allowances in 5 CFR 575 in conjunction with this training agreement.

This letter is your authority to promote employees, who successfully complete training under this training agreement, to the next higher grade in the position's career ladder within as few as 6 months. When making promotions under this agreement, the following notation, followed by the date of this letter, must appear on the personnel action forms: "U.S. OPM Special Training Agreement"

This authority applies only to the qualification standards for selection and promotion. It does not constitute either a direct or implied agreement that the proposed training meets the requirements of Chapter 41, Title 5, United States Code; Executive Order 11343; use of funds; or other statutes or policies that may be applicable to training your provide under this training agreement.

We hope this authority is helpful in alleviating the recruiting and retention problems you are experiencing for Registered Nurse positions.


/original signed/
Michael Carmichael
Director, Staffing and Restructuring
Policy Division

Registered Nurse Training Agreement and Plan in PDF form

Registered Nurse Training Agreement and Plan in MS Word