June 8, 1995

SUBJECT: Maximum Entry Age for DOD Air Traffic Controllers (ATC)

The attached DOD policy memorandum, dated May 9, 1995, subject as above, implements a change to the current policy (DOD 1400.25-M, Civilian Personnel Manual (CPM), Chapter 930; Civilian Air traffic Controllers, September 23, 1981), which establishes a maximum entry age of 30 for original appointment into civilian ATC positions in DOD. The maximum entry age is retained; however, this change in policy provides for exceptions in very limited situations.

This policy replaces CPM Chapter 930 and is effective immediately. The exception criteria are described in the attached. The authority for waivers using the exception criteria is being retained at HQDA through consultation with the Army's functional representative, the U.S. Army Aeronautical Services Agency which is the Executive Agent for the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans on matters pertaining to the national air space system.

Requests for waivers should be submitted in the following manner - Thur: Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs), Civilian Personnel Management Directorate, ATTN: TAPC-CPF-S, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22332-0340, Telephone: COMM (703) 325-1343 or DSN 221-1343; To: U.S. Army Aeronautical Services Agency, ATTN: MOAS-AS, 9325 Gunston Road, Suite N315, Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-5582, Telephone: COMM (703) 806-4866 or DSN 656-4866.

If you have any questions, the point of contact is Mrs. Alma Collier on COMM (703) 695-3915 or DSN 225-3915

//original signed//

James M. Alward
Chief Civilian Personnel Policy Division