July 17, 2001

SUBJECT: Delegated Examining Authority

The Department of Defense has revised the business process for the expansion of delegated examining authority at Department of the Army delegated examining units (Office of Personnel Management now uses the term Examining Offices). Currently our examining offices are required to list the title, series, and grade of each position they wish to add to their delegated examining authority, and send that request through Headquarters Department of the Army to Department of Defense for approval.

The Department of Defense has now delegated approval authority to the components, and we are redelegating it. With this memorandum you are authorized to approve requests for additions to the delegated examining authority of your examining offices. You may redelegate this authority. Assure that the additions to the delegated examining authority are documented in the examining office.

This delegation does not include the authority to examine for any Administrative Careers With America positions (Enclosure 1) or Administrative Law Judge positions.

Mr. Dale Ridderhoff, phone 703-325-9972, DSN 221, is the Department of the Army point of contact for this action.

//original signed//
David L. Snyder
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)


Director, Civilian Personnel Operations Center Management Agency
Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, US Army Europe and
Seventh Army
Civilian Personnel Director, US Army Pacific