DAPE-CPE  August 24, 1995

SUBJECT: Required Dissemination of Information on Child Support
 Enforcement to DA Employees and Soldiers Pursuant to Executive
 Order 12953

Executive order (EO) 12953, published in the Federal Register, Volume 60, No. 39 on February 28, 1995, requires the Federal government to be a model employer in the establishment and enforcement of child support, and encourages voluntary compliance with child support orders and cooperation with requests for information or assistance.

The EO requires Federal agencies to inform employees of actions to take and of available services to ensure that their children receive child support to which they are legally entitled. It also requires that employees be given information on initiating voluntary wage withholding requests. The Office of the Judge Advocate General is responsible for disseminating this information to authorized Army legal assistance clients to include civilian employees outside the United States (see DAJA-LA message 0510302 Jul 95, subject as above). I have this responsibility for appropriated and nonappropriated civilian employees working within the United States. This memorandum is provided to overseas civilian personnel offices as information, since the DAJA-LA message continues to apply overseas.

The enclosed Fact Sheet and guidance on the Child Support Enforcement Program contain the information civilian employees need. Army activities in the United States must provide their appropriated and nonappropriated fund employees this information on, at a minimum, an annual basis, through the employee orientations. You may modify the enclosures to meet local needs. Mr. Pugh, DSN 227-3838 or COMM (703) 697-3838 is point of contact.

//original signed//

Carol Ashby Smith
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)
Director of Civilian Personnel

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